Would Jesus Approve Of Today's Church?

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It’s an interesting thought… In my opinion, the church of today has become a gigantic mess. We have thousands of different Christian denominations that place us on separate Christian teams. Are Christians really supposed to be on different teams? No, we are supposed to be one body in Christ, not many bodies in Christ, (Romans…


The church of today is its own worst enemy. There are those who don’t bother attending or studying. One big reason is they see the hypocrisy of those who do.

It always amazed me when you would run into someone from a big church group, outside the church, and see how they responded to life events.
The church would be so big you didn’t know everyone, and their guard would be down thinking you didn’t know them.
When it came to money, the rules changed dramatically. Being in business, I saw this firsthand. So did others who weren’t church goers but saw the bumper sticker they so proudly advertised. The saying goes, why would I want to be like them?

The other problem is there is no room for different understandings without contention. Studying scripture isn’t a see who wins deal. It is a learning event which should be of open minds for all. Too many one verse stances. If anyone thinks he is totally correct, he is already fooled.

The modern-day church would rather split than look at both sides and come to an intelligent conclusion. Peter was the rock of the church and Paul still had to correct him. The church has been dying for years which brought about the social clubs. Coffee and snack bars, swimming pools, basketball courts etc. Now the woke nonsense.
Just don’t require me to get there on time and stay the whole worship afterwards because of the traffic sitting in the parking lot to go home.


There is hypocrisy in the church. Jesus and the disciples preached in power and the Spirit, healing the sick, casting out demons, performing miracles. They did not use the New Testament - it wasn’t needed or written yet. Generally the church today has words, but words without power. If Jesus came to a church service today - no matter the type of worship service, he may create a serious problem for the congregation, and may be driven out, or He may again use the whip.

My thoughts. It is simple, but in reality impossible to reach in this world age. It would be a true joy the second coming of Christ. Truly blissful

I think a lot of these churches are their for the profit than to teach what the prophets taught.

1 Timothy 6:10

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

It’s amazing to me how profitable the church can be when they teach God’s WORD.