World's Largest Gathering Of Satanists Comes To Boston

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You’ve heard about “The Satanic Temple.” That’s the group always trying to get their Blaphmont monument in front of everyone’s eyeballs. Well, they’re getting together in Boston in what’s being hailed as the world’s largest gathering of Satanists. It sounds a bit spooky, doesn’t it? We can envision Devil worshippers sacrificing goats and reciting incantations.…

Matthew 12:30 comes to mind.

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Anyone wanting to be unbaptized was never saved to begin with, the holy spirit never entered your heart, your eyes were never opened. As a blind fool stumbling around in the dark and dashing your feet against the stones. Like seeds sown on stone they spring up and wither away quickly in the heat of the day with no roots, no substance and they perish. ‘Jesus Christ’