Worldcoin: Digital ID For A New Financial System

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Sounds spooky, doesn’t it? It is… Worldcoin is a new project aimed to validate the digital identity of everyone on the planet. That is, to validate your online identity through the use of their World ID app. That’s right, World ID will become “your human passport to access the new online services.” In fact, if…


I’ve been following that info when it is available. Oh it’s coming and so much sooner than most of us want to imagine. Musk, Beck, Tucker and many more are sounding the alarm on all of the changes that will be a reality in the coming months as AI is already being rolled out rolled. From what I’m hearing ‘everything’ will change. Not anything that I’m aware of that we can do to avoid it. Get all of the info you can as soon as you can. probably good advice.

…neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands

I think this line confuses so many people. I know my husband takes that line literally. This is why he thinks it will be microchips that everyone has to accept.

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Oh I think bar coding laser imprints are our next step. If we do not receive it we will be fugitives from justice, same as a tax evader. No doubt in my mind. Just think how good it will be for you. [the sales pitch] you need not carry a cumbersome purse or wallet. If you are stopped for a tail light not working, the officer can scan your bar code and the ticket will be in the form of a an email. you can choose to pay it on the spot or request a couple weeks so until your pay check credits can be added to your monetary account. Go to Walmart and just let them scan your bar code laser tattoo and transaction completed. you can do that now with a smart phone, but that can be hacked by cyber criminals. so you see , 'this is for your own good. positive ID. no passport necessary, no need to carry ID, no need to carry money that can be taken from you, [there wont be any money] no need to to carry ID’s that can be lost or stolen. your kids, can’t be be lost or stolen. their personal ID’s can be tracked too. Laser imprints will be invisible to the naked eye. Only visible to a laser scanner. I have to agree with your husband. Total and complete control of peoples lives. Imagine going to the grocery store and buying some donuts, a cake and a package of cinnamon rolls and the teller says, I’m sorry but a hold has been placed on your account on sweets for 90 days. I agree with your husband 100% it’s coming, and much sooner than we think. The human factor is something they are not anticipating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do not think it will go that far, I think people will still be able to barter and get by–those who ask for God’s protection.

Ramping up this technology is only waking up more people–and I think it will be the world order’s deadly wound when people do not comply. However, then I think soon after that there will be a war in Heaven and Michael and his angels will throw Satan out.

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I sure hope you are right. that rebellion is what I meant about the human factor. Cattle are easy to herd. Humans? not so much.

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