Woah... New Year's resolutions by state

Woah… New Year’s resolutions by state

I’m highly disturbed getting “therapy” is #1 for so many people. Then again, this tied into an article we had about Gen Z.

People need to get out of the news cycle and go outside!

You got it, and exercise and eat lots of oatmeal.

Oh wait, maybe I need “therapy” for my love of oatmeal.

Okay Brandon, I fixed it.

My therapist wants to talk to you.
He is the one who told me take it down. :rofl:

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small…

What gives?

Where’s the oatmeal part? You inspired me to change my avatar! :grin:

I am jealous, that avatar rocks.

thanks for the reminder!!! I need to make some oatmeal - it’s one of the best desserts!!

Blasphemy, it’s the main course. :innocent:

Well, my husband’s got this thing about having veggies included with our main meal. I suppose I could have thrown a few carrots in a bowl as a side dish! :rofl:

I decided not to worry about the small stuff like smoking, drinking and eating my favorite foods and get right down to quitting the serious stuff like breaking at least 5 commandments at least 6 times a day.