Without Law, They Pillaged Their Way To $112 Billion

Full article at: Without Law, They Pillaged Their Way To $112 Billion | World Events and the Bible

Inflation, debt, poverty, drugs, corruption, entitlement, Godlessness… These are just some of the words that describe the state of our world. A world that becomes more of a hellhole with each passing day. Pardon my french, but what else do you call it? My friends, the headlines this week were filled with crime. Crimes that…


Entitlement, no remorse, single parent families, boys without fathers…and girls too, social media, peer pressure, no hope, no love, no discipline have all creates a generation of criminals and losers. Lol. God disciplines those he loves. We got to remember that in these end times most of yhe 1/3 who followed satan in the first age are alive, and still turned against God now. Come Lord Jesus come.


They’re just kids having fun Brandon. they will grow out of it, bless their hearts :roll_eyes:

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I’m sitting here quietly getting ready to jump into my studies (Ezekiel again) and jumped over here to quick catch up. I’m reading Brandon’s post and then read this

“Ensure Johnny gets a “participation trophy,” even if he sucked.”


I have been ripping on that whole thing for years!

Great article and I agree, I don’t think there is any turning back anymore.


I also think that these things are waking up the lukewarm rapidly. People who I have known for a long time, that never really spoke about God, are now talking about God, which helps me to witness before them and sprinkle some seeds.

I ask God for guidance and the right words to say, when the opportunity presents itself in conversation.


This is sad to watch how lost people are. Homegirl should start fasting from time to time though! She is eating just fine to me too and last I checked iPhones aren’t edible :joy:

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Yep, grocery stores and libraries are safe.

Well…unless you consider the transgender story time at the libraries!

Reminds me of a scripture in the Bible:

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. James 4:17