Will God Allow Nuclear War?

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We live in uncertain and dangerous times, but would God allow a nuclear war? We look at past events and open Scripture to answer this timely question.


This was such a comforting post for me. thank you


Thank you Brandon. I really needed to read this before I went to bed.

I pray every day that God keeps a hedge of protection over our country.


I am glad to see that someone i respect as way more biblically knowledgeable than me came to this conclusion. I have felt this way for years because it just seemed that an all out nuclear was, which would assuredly be paramount to a total extinction event, just did not fit into any biblical prophecy I had read. Not trying to pat myself on the back, just happy to get some confirmation i got this one right. Thank you Sir.


I haven’t read the article yet…
In the last couple of years I’ve asked God to give me wisdom and discernment over my government, nation, and world --it’s amazing what I’ve been shown and the true peace I have.
First, God cannot or will not punish his children that have already died and were resurrected with his son, Jesus Christ. We are sealed as gentiles. God will not punish righteousness (Christians, believers, Child of God) especially, when punishment is meant for wicked. I 100% believe Christ takes Gentile’s b/f Tribulation (turns back to Jews; his chosen to fulfill promise).
Do I believe USA, maybe world is under judgement, or ppl have been given over to “themselves” or “depraved minds,” yes (the lost). However, I 100% don’t fear b/c we are his sealed children. We are warned and told this would happen. This is why we don’t live for the world. Actually, very exciting to watch God’s hand on the move, as be chosen for such a time --EPIC. To me, the “rapture” will be the gentile’s “Red Sea” of Exodus. Christians need to practice their total resolve as Daniel did --this our hill.
So, will God allow nuclear war? First, he has and did to end WWII, to bring his chosen ppl home and stop the murdering of his Jews.
Do I believe I will see b/f I leave this world? No. I believe it’s a true and REAL THREAT right now, but I believe God’s hand will not allow it until the Tribulation. I believe GOD created this world in SIX days, and ONLY GOD will destroy what HE created (REV.) Do I believe that as this earth ends and is burnt up, it may be nukes -absolutely (rapture has happened and Jews are sealed). Could very well explain some things in Revelation on mass scale, or why it takes special conditions and time for Jews to bury after war.
Now I’ll read article for perspective and hopefully like-mindedness :grinning:

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