Wildlife populations decline 69% since 1970

They say wildlife populations have dropped 69% since 1970. I believe it. Just look at a satellite map of the eastern US. It’s all people where trees and critters used to live.

I say those that want to reduce the global population should exit stage Mars. Maybe Elon can help with that… :smile:

I believe it! Turkeys are not in abundance as they once were. the turkeys use to travel across our country road, with all their little baby’s’. now this year i did not see any of those critters. there are a few here and there, but that is it. could it be we ourselves have decimated them to extinction? i think so. we have hunters come up here for turkey season and deer season. There is good money in the business, which my landlord does by the way. I think it is called GREED, myself. right now it is deer season, bow and arrow. but i never see the deer anymore either. i usually put corn out for them after deer season, last year only a couple came. we have not learned how to manage the population of animals, at all! and when they do turkey hunting, they only keep the breast meat and throw the rest out. how wasteful is that? or have them stuffed for trophy’s .

I think all the turkeys and deer came to our house. The last 2 yrs it has been insane with they amount of deer and turkey we have. I believe a big part of it is all the dang subdivisions and now even businesses moving into our area. I live in a very wooded area and we are now able to see way down into the woods because the deer are eating all the lower growing trees. Our front yard used to be a sea of maple saplings and would turn bright yellow this time of year…now there is nothing. Not a single one that hasn’t been chomped down.

Now this is not to say I don’t believe the wildlife population has decreased - I just don’t know if it’s as serious as they say.

Edited to add: We are also seeing a huge increase of coyotes and north of us a huge increase in black bear. Is it actually an increase…probably not, they are just moving into areas that we humans can see them more. The deer are definitely on the increase though bc “covid” prevented a lot of hunters from hunting.

Interesting adds ladies.

When I think about the decline in species, this is what I see.

Here’s a random location in Georgia. Do you see all those splotchy areas? Those are people. Land that’s been mowed for farms or personal property. All of that was once trees.

Zoom in on the same spot a little more and this is what you get.

Zoom in a little more yourself using a satellite map.

I can certainly see how much of the land that was once wild has been overtaken by people. Anywhere you do this in the east you see this. This didn’t all happen since the 1970s though.

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I wonder if the animals are on the move so to speak. we had little to no rain during the summer months and the fields were dry and barren. my landlord even started buying hay, to feed the cows, it was really early, they usually don’t start till the grass is all gone which is way deep into fall… as for the turkeys i saw no baby chicks at all, it was very hot all summer, which is not good for turkey eggs to hatch.

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