Why Were The Canaanites Destroyed?

Full article at: Why Did God Destroy The Canaanites? | World Events and the Bible

God told the Israelites they would inherit the land of Canaan. However, God wanted them to kill everyone in the land, but why? The Bible provides a clear answer.


Hi Brandon. Timely article as I’m doing deep research in the Minor Prophets, Joel and Ezek 38. Anyway, the whole of Cannan was also known as Palestine. Ancient map and history show that.


When you combine the sins of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the Amorites, viewing us today with the qualities of 2 Timothy 3, who is worse?


Snowman, would you agree that ‘the people’ of predominant Christian faith that includes all of North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Russia outnumber the people who worship other Gods? Not sure I laid that out right, but I think you know what I’m getting at.

That is hard to answer.
Using our nation as an example, most claim to be Christian but many agree with pro-choice, pro-gay, pro almost anything, including the churches.

Those who don’t, many are too chicken to stand up or even give a negative opinion. During the Christmas holiday, many have converted to happy holidays to hide their belief.

There are many true Christians in other nations, which have hardship for taking a stand or just believing. They put most of the Americans to shame. How many who live here would take the persecution that they do? We are blessed to not have to go through that, yet. It would almost be better for them to be unbelievers than take it for granted and do nothing with their talent.

My opinion is we are not called the great Satan just for jealousy.

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I’m starting to think that Christians of other countries are more devout than American Christians and hold Christ more dear. Of course they have endured more hardship.

I really liked the article you embedded within this one.

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