Why Is Society Collapsing? You Can Thank Generational Failures!

I surely would like to think there’s many things we can agree on! And I bet we have soooo much in common! However, stating that God is the judge, and then regurgitating His beautiful Words and tossing them at people is kinda judgey, no? Perhaps we can close in agreeing that we both love our Lord, each one in their own special way, isn’t that really what’s most important? I bet if we acknowledge that we can make Him smile:) And a Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Bell, I could say You are the judging me by assuming my words are judging, when in fact all I have done is present the words of the proverbs and take them back to the strongs, tried to explain them, and shared how Shepherds use the “rod”… not for beating sheep.

I presented the words , what they mean… look them up for yourselves. There is a huge problem if people think Jesus would beat on HIs sheep with that rod , that is used to guide, direct… lead. God’s rod is used to prevent injury to the sheep… not to inflict injury.

Again… we beat off the “wolves”… not the sheep.

Since when has speaking the truth become verbal abuse?

God is a God of Love… and Love is telling the Truth so people can think on things.

Do what you want. I am just presenting truth.

Cozar… read, study and research what the Shepherds “rod” does… It does not beat the sheep… it guides, leads… the hook or curve on the rod is used to single out a sheep to move the sheep where the shepherd wants the sheep to go to prevent the sheep from getging injured… the rod is to PREVENT injury, …NOT to inflict it.

I am not coming down on anyone… just presenting truth so people can understand what it means.

I have had dogs all my life. When they need a little crack, they know I mean business and they love me just the same. It is done in love, not hate.

Your leading rod is fine if it works. What if you lead your child with the so-called rod and he gives you the middle finger? What if he calls you things that would embarrass a dock worker?
There are little hellions out there that are that way and no time out or a little touch with the leading rod will correct.

Maybe we should close all the prisons and give the men in blue rods. When corporal punishment left the schools, they lost all control.


I think everyone needs to remember how easy it is to miss undestand texted out opinions and possible text tone (we imagine the attitutde/tone of voice perhaps wrong at times).
Also hard to sometimes to text out an opinion/or fact about one aspect of a subject of conversation,especially if everyone feeling like they need to include every detail of everything in order to try not and hurt someones feelings.

Well that was sure an interesting read (all the comments) right before heading off to bed. Im gonna throw a wrench in it now…in regards to spanking. It depends on the child. :smirk: And what he or she has done.

But back to the article. This whole generational thing is all in the Book. Just as it is written, each generation (as a whole) gets worse. Why are people so surprised by it?! The key is the remnent. WE, as God fearing Christians, need to uphold our duties. Teaching our children about our Lord and Savior, teaching them how to be productive, teaching them how to survive and fight off evil in this crumbling earth age!

There was more in the article that I was gonna comment on, but now I can’t remember…and I’m too tired to go back and read it. :upside_down_face::sleeping: I hope to get back on tomorrow.


Traditions of men… versus… the Word and rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

People are stubborn, hard hearted, rebellious and prideful , stuck in their way instead of following God’s Way.
We need to overcome the traditions of men and go God’s Way instead. Instead of continuing passing down traditions of men.

Traditions of men try to “whitewash” over hitting with the rod instead of its use of leading, guiding, protecting from harm and injury …and whitewashing over it by thinking to use a different word than hit like spank… falsely thinking that makes hitting ok. God does not strike His Children in any way. He says let the little children come to Me. He Teaches with the Word.

The shepherds rod is to count the sheep as each one has to pass under the rod so He knows they are all there, counted for, healed, and OK. Taking note of which one needs healing and help who is injured. Each one individually. Protect them from injury and harm.

Again, The rod is the shepherds implement to lead, guide, direct,move… not hit …discipline/chastisement is using Truth with the Word… Why would someone strike His flock who can’t even fight back and is no match. Jesus does not use the rod to strike His people.

I can’t think of any more information than I have already shared.

Each of you is going to do what you choose.
I can’t help any more than what I have tried to with good intentions.

I can show and say over and over and over again what those words mean, and how a shepherd uses his rod etc etc etc. , what “discipline” is,… etc…
Take it to God study it and decide for yourselves. We all answer to God only for our actions. Convince God of it.

The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness/Loyalty and Self Control.

I love you sister, wishing you a good day.


GENERATIONAL FAILURES - Here is some food for thought…just something for people to think about.

There is more to this than just how a parent raises a child. It’s not JUST about discipline or about spanking. We need to step back and really look at the ingredients to this recipe of disaster.

Vaccines - whether you want to admit it or not, vaccines play a large role in this. Each person has there own chemical make up. For infants, it’s based on what their parents ate, their activity and what drugs (street or pharma) they took during that pregnancy. How the parent interacts with the child is also a factor - yes, emotions play a big part in physical health and mental health. Now look at the amount of vaccines a child gets at a very young age. It just keeps increasing year after year. And the ingredients in these vaccines are changing all the time! And then you have all these “disorders” that can come from them whether people want to admit it or not. Just take a look - it’s not just autism, but so many others. I don’t think the people that choose to vaccinate are bad people. Society has been trained over the decades to trust doctors and what they tell you is fact. (note - the doctors were “trained” as well. Ever wonder why so many “college professors” previously worked for big pharma?)

Foods we eat - This is a big one but often overlooked. We have gone from hunting and gathering to big corporations making our food. All because we have been led to believe, over the many generations, that we are supposed to buy our food. We do it for convenience. (heck…look at all the things in this world that were created for “convenience”. More on that later!) The chemical additives, the processed sugar, the food dyes, the gmo’s, the spraying of chemicals to produce bigger yields and preserve the food…ALL OF THAT AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH. Including your brain! And don’t get me started on cholesterol - your brain needs that to work properly.

Education - We went from parents teaching their children to sending our kids off to daycares and schools. Most parents haven’t a clue what teachers are saying in those classrooms. BUT, AGAIN…over the generations, we were “marketed” to so that we believed that is the right thing to do. Then came the “women’s rights” movement and “empowering women” which made a woman looked down upon if she didn’t have a career. Again, I don’t think that woman with a career are bad people, It’s just what it is - how people have changed over time.

Conveniences - What has all these “conveniences” done for people? Pick any one of them and see what affect it has on the body. One that people like to bring up all the time is indoor plumbing. Well guess what…if we still used outhouses we would probably have better health! :wink: Exercise by trudging out there all the time and maintaining it gives you exercise, No…I don’t have an outhouse. But why I bring that up is because it’s just another convenience that we don’t HAVE TO HAVE to survive. Now think about air conditioning. I used to love the heat and it made me sweat (detoxifying the body) and gave me lots of vitamin D. Once I started working in an air conditioned office day after day, shopping in air conditioned stores, etc…I can no longer tolerate heat. My body has been “conditioned” that way. Not good. (yes, we have A/C in our house - again bringing it up because of how society has been pushed to using a service or buying something in order to supposedly survive.)

So all this boils down to our degradation of society - just as the bible says would happen. We are a lazy people…we don’t get our exercise, we don’t eat good food, we take prescriptions for every little thing and guess what…that affects our brains! We don’t know how to take care of ourselves without depending on someone else or some business. I have so much more I want to add to this - like electronics, over sized houses and “fitting into society”, but I need to get some things done around here. Like laundry in a “washing machine”… :roll_eyes:

Satan is pretty good at putting all these things in place, isn’t he?

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Proverbs 23:14 is not a tradition of men, it is the word of the Lord regarding the discipline of children. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

The Old Testament is full of men of God with children who went astray. They obviously were raised up in a Christian home, King David being one of those fathers. The Lord killed some of them for their disrespect.
The leadership nudge rod does not work all the time. It works for the sheep but not all children at all times are sheep, agreeing to be led. Some of them are goats and need the cattle prod.

The unruly children of today know they are in control since punishment has now become all but illegal. That is why the schools are a zoo instead of learning. You can quote all the bible verses you want to an unruly kid, good luck.


I did not say the Word of God is a tradition of men.

There is God’s Way and then there is man’s way…

Tradition of men is thinking that the rod is used to hit a" lamb" or a “sheep” who belongs to God and misinterpreting the Word. MAN misinterprets the Word. God doesn’t.

I posted the meaning of the Words. Look into it for yourself, and then do what you want.
You have obviously chosen how you do things and I have chosen how I do things and we disagree so nothing more needs to be said.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you are against spanking or paddling children??

You are saying the rod is not used to discipline children in spanking, but to lead, using the lamb or sheep example being us as His children. You said Christ does not hit his sheep; He leads them. Then you say it is tradition of men who think the rod is for hitting sheep and lambs. That is the dots I connected.

So, are you talking animals or people? The inference you are making is that we are Christ’s sheep, and they should not be hit with the rod, the children. If I made the wrong connection, then I apologize.

God’s word does not say that in the verse I quoted. He says sometimes it is necessary.

You are looking for ways to justify what you do.

Take it to God and ask HIM if it is OK what you are doing. Then decide for yourself.

Bonnie, I say this in all kindness and sincerity. I do not know what kind of bible you are reading or what God you follow, I f your bible contains the book of Ecclesiastes please read chapter 3.
To everything there is a season.
I have observed in my lifetime that lack of discipline [checks and balances] results in defiance and negative behavior. Not maybe or sometimes. But every time without fail.
An undisciplined child will will bring disappointment and shame to his or her parents.
As and adult they will cause deep sorrow. That’s what I have observed in my life.
So, obviously I have to strongly disagree with your mindset. Again, I say that with all respect and sincerity.


Great commentary Brandon. You could have easily included how parents have made drug addicts of their children in lieu of loving discipline and correction. I’m barely a boomer and certainly received discipline when needed. I blame my generation for many of the woes of today. We listened to psychologists that told us corporal punishment was detrimental to a child’s mental health. We spared the rod as did future generations until today and for maybe 30 years parents have no understanding of correction and discipline, but they sure know how to control their children’s actions with drugs/chemicals that have lasting effects that in many cases never subside. My correction, while it would be deemed barbaric by today’s standards also had lasting effects, it taught me that actions have consequences and has served me well in life to this point.

Brandon, you touched on a subject I would appreciate a deeper dive into. Men being men, not meow men. I pray for wives to allow and encourage their men to be men.


Bonnie H, You can’t seriously believe that God used only words to correct the Hebrew children unless you would argue that with his words came consequences.