Why is malaria back in US after 20 years?

No, it has nothing to do with illegal immigration, and if you think it does, well then, you’re a stone-cold racist. :flushed:


So: :face_with_monocle: The basic elements of malaria transmission are a source (the infected returned traveler)

(I. E., and illegal alien, I mean an undocumented person),

a vector (the mosquito),

an uninfected target (the newly identified cases, I. E., the citizens of the USA),

and an environment that allows them to come in contact. (Your basic non-walled country)

Increasing any of these elements (I. E., the idiots running the nation) could make local transmission more likely.

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Yeah, they say malaria doesn’t spread in people, so the skeeters are doing it. It would be nice to see the breakdown of who is infected. Americans, or new residents from a foreign nation. :smile:

I’m not a bug-ologist but if skeeters need an infected person to bite, then incubate and bite someone else and infect them, the local skeeters didn’t go on vacation and then come back. No one crossed the border in Florida.

Maybe it is global warming?

I guess I’m just one of those stone-cold racist. :innocent:

I feel they are bringing all kinds of diseases here. :face_with_thermometer:

Mr. Snowman, yes global warming and White Supremacy.
That’s the reason for everything nowadays. :crazy_face:

The mailaria pills they give out in the military make you go crazy and have bad dreams. Many ppl on deployments told me diff stories of how the pills were effecting them. One guy was punching the bunk bed above him in his sleep and had no remembrance of why his hands were tore up. He said if not for his roommate seeing him do it. He would have no clue of what happened.

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I will just throw this out…

Mosquitoes Engineered Into Flying Vaccinators

EPA Approves Experimental Use Permit to Test Innovative Biopesticide Tool to Better Protect Public Health

Bill Gates projects.

It’s probably worth mentioning, the last occurrence of malaria in the U.S. was in Palm Beach Florida, 20 years back. Florida is pretty much a huge swamp, and without spraying, there are just going to be mosquitoes.

I see Florida has cut back on spraying over the last 10 years or so.

The only other thing I wanted to mention, GM mosquitoes were released in the Keys some years back, and Monroe County which is 160 miles away from the area of the malaria case. They also released some in California, but there are no infections there. None of these GM pests were released in Texas, but we have malaria there.

Worth mentioning, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been used for malaria. Maybe it is just a coincidence that they also worked to help people during the Covid-19 epidemic?