Why Don't Christians Follow The Old Testament?

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Today, Christians are not obligated to follow every aspect of the Old Testament. When Jesus came, He fulfilled much of it, by becoming it.


I agreed with your answer to Kevin’s questions 100%. Jesus granted all people spiritual sovereignty and condemned organized spiritual laws ‘God’s’ of the world, telling us there is only one God. Our father who art in heaven. In Mathew 6 he tells us how and where to prey and what to prey, ‘the lords prayer’. Our reward will be in heaven, not in the world, we will be judged by the content of our hearts, not our worldly riches and cleverness. If we truly believe and trust in the father he will grant us the things he knows we have NEED of, and in abundance. Do not be led to hell by men of the world. Read the gospels very carefully as many times as it takes to understand the perfect wisdom of our, 'your lord. I’ll close with John 14:2 -3

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Love this blog post! I have to admit, I really love reading the OT. So much to learn and brings clarity to what is happening today…and always has happened - time and time again.

One thing that caught my eye when reading this:

Christians do not need to wear certain fabrics as God instructed the Israelites, (Leviticus 19:19, Deuteronomy 22:11) . God required that (no doubt) to set the Israelites apart from the people of the land.

I have read that 100% Linen can actually help to heal the body and protect it from environmental damage. And as many people know, polyester and a lot of the fabrics today are not good for your health - especially the ones treated with flame retardant.

Didn’t mean to go off topic, but just thought it was interesting.