Why doesn't the Dissenter browser work?

So I haven’t been on for awhile and I the browser I use no longer supports the community forum. I typically use Dissenter. I logged on thru Brave this time. I just found that interesting and thought you might like to know.

Dissenter browser has not been updated in two years. When you go to https://dissenter.com/ it redirects you to Gab. When you go to https://dissenter.com/download it shows you a 500 error message.

It looks like the browser has been abandoned by the developer. Any time browsers/software go that long without updates, this sort of thing happens. I see other people are experiencing this around the web on other platforms as well.

It would be wise of the developer to update it or remove the software. You’re being placed at risk running it at this point.

Thanks for the note!

P.S. Dissenter is based on chromium, ie: Chrome, and it’s a fork of Brave.

Which browser do you use?

I knew Dissenter was connected to Chrome, but just haven’t dug in to find another.

My daily browser is Safari since I run Mac. It just functions great with everything. With that said, all of our devices are running AdGuard. Cannot recommend them enough.

Since I maintain all my sites, I do use Brave for testing. It seems like a nice browser.

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