Why Do The Jews Always Have Neighbor Problems?

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Have you ever asked yourself that question? I mean, it seems like the Jews always have some issue with their neighbors. It doesn’t matter where they live, it doesn’t matter at what point in history we’re talking about. In fact, they’re the only group of people — in world history — that have been expelled…

It’s the same old thing, people hook their wagon to others who look good on the surface and when someone fills them in on what they really are they shun the truth and the exposer because their afraid it makes them look foolish.

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Real truth (the word of Yahweh) is never popular.
The truth is not convenient, fun or profitable.
So, the church chooses to walk in willful ignorance.


When I first got on this page It was a rocky ride. Several times I became teed off and strongly disagreed with Brandon and thought, 'Im outta here! But his and other commentors caused me to read scripture, prove him wrong. Then I started reading all of his studies and realized that everything he was saying was scripture. I started reading my bible and reading the scripture in his studies, scripture that I had only before read a line here and a line there. Before I would read enough to put together a topical summary, Never really studying the details. Love him or hate him, Brandon has coaxed me to study, 'me kicking and screaming all of the way.
Some of the coments that I have made in the past are ringing in my ears as I write this. So thanks for tolerating me, You’ve shown me just how little I know about the whole picture.
Like you’ve said many times, 'it’s in your bible. Read it for the first time. I do appreciate it.


Most of us have been there. It is harder to unlearn than learn the 1st time. I never understood the simplicity of Christ till I heard the real truth. It becomes more and more simple, the more you learn.


10-4 Snowman. I made the mistake of studying the new testament first, thinking the Old testament was not important. Big mistake. I’d tried reading it before but getting through was tuff, very tiresome. So like probably everyone else I skipped over to the books that were more interesting. So this time I trudged through from the beginning and will not skip. I am already realizing that I will have to read it several times before it soaks through the bark and into the wood. :rofl:

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I agree…reading the old testament was hard at first. Especially when reading it on my own. But when I read in succession both Samuals, both Kings and then both Chronicles, I really enjoyed it and it brought so much clarity to my mind.

And I’m sure glad you stuck around. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. I read Kings, loved Daniel and Ecclesiastes, Of course Psalms and Hebrews
back and forth. I think everything will tie in together when I finish the old testament start to finish. This 'Adams family tree poster a friend sent me will be a good quick refference will be helpful. Have a good weekend Kay and Pat.

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I agree. I started from Genesis through. When you track the who, what and where, it makes a difference. Reading some commentaries along the way helps too. Not that they are always right, but they throw in verses all over the Bible that tie into where you are at that particular time, and you can make notes of them to tie it together.

It is amazing how the modern-day church ignores the Old Testament. This is one of the main reasons that they don’t know what is going on.
If all you read was the New, Easter wouldn’t be the heathen stand out that it is along with many other things. It would be like reading advanced Algebra without knowing the multiplication tables. All you’ll see is numbers.

This is one of the reasons that church is boring and of no effect. It makes no sense. So, we serve food and pastries, etc. to bring them in and it is now a big social club for most.


I started Proverbs last night again. It just blows me away how you can read a book and get so much out of it and then you read it again and you STILL get even more out of it. That’s what always brings to mind the “Living Word”. Depending on where you are in life God gives you different understandings or expounds on understandings…if that makes sense.

Hope you all have a great weekend too!! God bless!

You are definitely right about that and the churches. It’s sad…and many don’t even realize it. How can you ever understand the New Testament if you didn’t read the Old Testament?

My main problem is that I can’t remember a lot of the details after 1 or 2 months. I remember some, but much of it I don’t. That’s where I’m always amazed on how much you remember when reading your comments. In fact starting Proverbs last night, the first chapter really got to me. I need to get better at studying. I read every night and sometimes during the day as well. I’m not good with taking notes either. I sometimes read commentaries in the Companion Bible and also will search this site for Brandon’s as well, but I should probably do that more.

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For me, when I take notes, it seems to stick in memory better, plus you always have the notes to fall back on. Any verses that tie together from the Old and New I write in my companion at those verses, so you have multiple places to find things.

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That makes perfect sense Kay. I’ve noticed that I have to be in the right mood or mindset if you will, to absorb scripture. Also I think the scripture we read that we instantly understand are those that we have experienced in our lives, and convict or console us. All of the emotions that we have ever felt and the source of them are in there. If something didn’t make sense a year ago, it likely will now, or five years from now. If that makes any sense?

I admire you for that also Snowman. I can remember the book but never the chapter and verse. But I never forget the message. I use a highlighter to mark verses that I understand well. and that I must read the whole chapter to understand the context of the verse. I was gifted my granmothers bible, I noticed that everthing I highlighted she had underlined in pen 50/60 years ago, from Genesis to Revelations. So I have a long ways to go.

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I understand exactly what you are saying and I absolutely agree with the right mood or mindset! That’s when I know to just set it down and come back to it later. When I read/study I like to get the feeling inside - like what I’m reading is absorbing into my bones if that makes sense.

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You’re right - it works that way for me as well. I remember a few years back I was literally writing all the verses down and taking notes along the way. I went through A LOT of paper…and noticed that my handwriting was getting much smaller! LOL

And I’m weird when it come to writing in my bible…I have in a couple places, but it just seems like I have to much to write and it doesn’t fit. (kind of like when I’m commenting here…I go on and on and on! :upside_down_face:) Maybe I’ll write notes on a separate piece of paper and place them in the bible…hmmmm. Might have to go with the sticky notes so they don’t fall out all over the place.