Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

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When bad things happen to good people, some blame God, as if He is chastising them. We quickly forget accidents happen, and we cause a lot of our own problems.


When things go bad, no matter what aspect of their lives, people tend to need to be a victim instead of taking responsibility for their actions or decisions. Bad decisions early on can ruin your life and put you in a hole you can never crawl out of.

There are non-Christian people living successful lives because they follow Godly principles and there are Christian’s who are total failures in life who don’t follow His principles.

His principles work across the board no matter who you are. They are like the laws of gravity; they were put in place and cannot be failed upon.

To me, this shows the point of free will. He won’t make you a failure following His principles even though you don’t believe. He still knocks on the door.

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Absolute truth Snowman. Amen

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I have to agree with everything you said Brandon.

That’s so right. My son was an up and coming pro surfer and at 22 he broke his neck leaving him a quadriplegic. He became a Believer as he struggled through that horrific accident and the Lord gave him peace. He actually tells people that if that’s what it had to take to bring him to Christ, he would allow it to happen again. Amazing faith. He is happier today as a Believer than he ever was before as a up and coming pro surfer. Sometimes accidents are allowed to happen for a reason too.


Snowman, I read this comment several times before I appreciated the full gravity of it. You covered a whole lot of ground in relatively few words. reminds me of John Wayne’s quote 'Life is hard , and even harder if you are stupid! I’m sure you remember the old saying, 'you made your own bed , you lay in it. I wish Foxworthy would have used the word ‘stupid’ instead of redneck. If you buy a set of chrome wheels in January and need a ‘jump’ to get home, you might be a moron!
If you are behind on the rent and you buy a new Harley. you qualify to be a member of the ‘Bad luck club’, ‘why does God always punish me club’


Job 1:1 - There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil. Just thought I’d throw Job out there and see if you have any thoughts on his circumstances…

I cant find the words to explain how small and unworthy I felt when I read Job.
Of all of the people in the world today, I wonder if even one exists that could endure the test of faith that Job did?

I agree! Rereading, the book of Job several times, has made it easier for me to understand too. I have noted in my Bible that I would like to be “perfect and straight” like Job. I also continually pray that I can “endure to the end” as mentioned by Jesus in Matthew and Mark…people just don’t want our Elohim (God) today…

They will! there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. I wont ever be perfect and I know that.
people might judge me to be a heathen by looking at the outside. But thank goodness God sees only our hearts and minds. So the opinions of men are of no consequence to me.
I’ve noticed that even mere men tend ignore the shell of a man and notice only his heart once he begins to mature in the Lord.


I would suggest reading the Apocryphal book 2 Esdras. It can be found online too…

Never heard of it, what it is about?

Some of it addresses what happens when we die…I have still not read thru the entire book.