Why Did Jesus Say, Turn The Other Cheek?

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When Jesus said turn the other cheek, it refers to our faith, He was teaching against senseless revenge. Jesus was not saying we cannot defend ourselves, we can and should.


I used to think this meant that if you’re teaching the word for example and you cause someone to be offended to truth to the point where they argue with you and you argue back and they slap you…turn the other cheek because you’re supposed to know better and how to respond but now that I think about it everyone would be getting slapped because the truth can offend a lot of people. Jesus teaching about retaliation makes more sense. As always thanks for the understanding Brandon


Very insightful and well thought. It is like the devil rejoices with each and every one of this proud acts. We’re not to give an inch to the devil.

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If I am in traffic and someone gives me the finger on their right hand, do I give them the one from my left? :smile:

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the read and explanation.

I was going to respond when I first read your response, but I was on my stupid phone and didn’t want to type it all on that tiny keyboard. But when I read your comment it reminded me of our conceal carry class that we took.

Our instructor was a fantastic Christian man that uses common sense. He was pointing out the importance of not escalating a situations and he used road rage as one of the examples. Well, our teen son also took the class with us, which I’m grateful for. One day my son and I were driving and this idiot flies past me on a hill and on a curve. My instinct took over and I nailed on the horn and whipped him the bird. Next thing you know, this guy is slamming on his brakes in front of me and acting like a real jerk. At this point I’m mad at myself bc I have my son in the car with me and I didn’t like the situation we were in. My son looks over at me and says, “Didn’t Justin teach you that you’re not supposed to do that…that it can escalate a situation??” :roll_eyes: My response…“Yep…and I’m as much of an idiot as that guy is…” Out of the mouths of babes.