Why Did Jesus Die For Us?

Full article at: Why Did Jesus Die For Our Sins? | World Events and the Bible

God required blood sacrifice so the people would remember and feel the burden of their sin every year. Jesus fulfilled this, providing eternal redemption for all.


Ive heard some say blood is currency in the spirit realm. Could make sense because Jesus was the ultimate blood sacrifice. Satanist still use blood rituals to summon demons and evil spirits.

The way you explained that I understand for the first time what blood sacrifice is al about.
Appreciate that sir.

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If I lived back then, some days I wonder if my herd was big enough. Thank you, Jesus, for knowing we are all trying not to offend.

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I agree with @yakityyak … that is the best explanation I have ever read. I need to make sure my son sees this. Also will have to share with others :grinning:!

Thank you @brandon !

Winning… Thanks so much,


This is truly the best explained article I’ve read
Thank you Brandon for your explanation

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