Why Are The Children Of The Kingdom Cast Out?

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Jesus told us, the good seed are the children of the Kingdom. He also tells us they are cast into outer darkness. The reason? They were unprofitable for Jesus.


I had two employees.
The one was on time everyday, always wore clean clothes and had a neat appearance. He was consistent in lacking knowledge, consistent in asking the same questions day after day.
consistent in lacking common sense, and avoided getting his hands dirty.

The other man was almost always late for work if he showed up at all. Always dressed sloppy and always needed a shave and a hair cut. he had a perpetual sadness about him, always quiet and kept to himself. When he would sober up and come to work, he took the job seriously, His work was consistently superb. In spite of his appearance and zero personality, my customers always requested him. he was a true craftsman. Over the years I had fired him and re-hired him at least five times until he died alone and drunk one night in his run down old camper.

Of the two, He was by far the more worthy and profitable of the two. The other man was a constant liability.

Wow, that had to have been hard to watch. Not easy I am sure.

Especially because there was absolutely nothing I could do for him. And the fact that I knew that on most fronts, that he was a better man than me.