Why Are Pastors Supporting The Wars?

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Have you noticed that lately? Pastors of all shapes and sizes are supporting the raging wars in Ukraine and Israel. It’s not just pastors though, it’s Christian organizations and Christian media outlets. They have a vested interest in sticking with the mainstream narrative and embedding that within the minds of the Christian faithful. I hope…


I can remember back in the day, way back, we were taught as a nation that we were the good guys and the rushkies were the bad guys. They were told the same thing about us.

Fast forward, individually, you learn they aren’t any worse than us. It’s all narrative.

Now the church is doing the same thing. They teach we are to love our neighbor, cherry picking the verse, instead of really teaching the whole context in Leviticus, meanwhile, it is okay to bomb the hell out of innocent neighbors for another big lie.

We are to put the whole gospel armor on to withstand the devil. Who would have thought you would have to fight the church first.


Many are deceived. They think the us gov is honest and has our best interest in mind.


Problem is, you can show them the smoking gun and they still deny the corruption.


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These idiots are insane!!

This should go over well.