Why are Native Americans and African Americans trying to erase their history?

I have a hard time understanding why

What makes you think that they are?

Seems like any school or major league ball club, school etc using the name Brave, Scout, Chief,
Redskins or anything bearing one of those names they want it changed. I wonder if they know how proud most all Americans [including non Indian ] are of that heritage? I am. Their importance in American history is recognized in history books, including the good , the bad and the ugly. Mandatory learning when I was in grade school. The civil war, slavery and the cruel hardships a lot of those people endured. That is the point , 'they did endure! I cant understand why Black America wants any and all mention or symbol of that era torn down, demolished, erased from the history books. I feel like that they are erasing their place in history. I’m thinking about all of those people who suffered and died years ago, will have suffered and died in vain if that happens. Does that make any sense?

I don’t think the so-called Native Americans are the ones who want it changed. It is the whites who jumped on the band wagon.

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A judge put a temporary block on the removal of the Confederate memorial statue at Arlington cemetery yesterday. Whoever is driving this madness does not have good intentions.

I’m not sure if this lawsuit is just a money grab or a sincere effort to restore the name Redskins to the team. It seems a number of Native Americans believe the name Redskins was honoring their heritage and showing respect to Chief White Calf whose profile was on the helmet. I believe changing the name in the first place was just a typical woke move by the NFL.

Native American group sues Washington Commanders.

I think in the Indian nation their experiencing the young and old tug of war like every other country in the world. I have heard that some of the tribal Chiefs are wanting royalties for the use of those names. ??? They are changing the names of some 100 + year old high schools in my state ‘Okla.’ with Iconic Indian names. Half of the towns and half of the counties in Okla. bare Indian names. ‘Oklahoma’ is an Indian word.
Of course being offended nowadays is in style.

The same is happening in Minnesota. :person_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: