Who thinks Biden can win in 2024?

Things are ahh changing…

Everyone’s favorite President is turning 81. The dudes politics stink all the way around. Every decision he makes, is the wrong decision. Ukraine, Israel, green energy, and so on.

Now, as we all know, incumbents typically win re-election, but not always. Even with this, Biden is sink, sink, sinking in the polls. Even with all of Trump’s legal battles and the negative image, he’s beginning to take the lead over Biden in a mock 2024 matchup.

Here’s a sample of all the polls:

This from Quinnipiac University:

When voters were asked who would best represent the United States on the world stage, regardless of how they intend to vote, 48 percent say Trump, while 44 percent say Biden, and 8 percent did not offer an opinion.

Trump +4%

  • Note: the matchup there with Haily besting Biden by 11%.


Republicans back Trump 96 - 2 percent and Democrats back Biden 94 - 4 percent. Independents are evenly split, with 44 percent supporting Biden and 44 percent supporting Trump.

  • All the reds would vote Trump.
  • All the blues would vote Biden.


So as always, the wildcard is the Independent vote, if you can’t win it, you don’t win elections.

Interestingly enough, 72% of Independents want to see someone else enter the race.


After Biden’s cringe worthy moment meeting with China’s Xi…



People are beginning to realize, Biden is going to keep going downhill. It’s a tough fact of life.

So, what’s likely to happen?

The Dems replace Biden, or Biden bows out.

Who else happens to be running for President, without running for President?

Why it would be none other than my one time Governor. The dude who ruined the state of California, Gavin Newsom. He’s the one putting up ads all over the country, I’ve seen um. He’s the one challenging DeSantis to a debate. He’s the one who just went to China to talk green energy with Xi, and he’s the one who met with Xi in San Francisco.

Hey, we have a full year before the elections, but things are going to tighten up soon.

When your Secretary of State cringes for all to see, you know it’s bad (see video above)!

It’s too early to tell, but I foresee a change on the Democrat ticket.

Newsom anyone?

And for kicks, because @Cozar will appreciate this…

How about Michelle Obama for VP?


Why not, that way Barack can take the kids on a world tour and his wife stay at home.

I suspected Newson would bare his ugly head sooner or later. He was in the White House when Biden was overseas. Another closed door meeting.

I didn’t think Biden had a chance of winning initially, then I didn’t expect him to last the first year due to his cognitive issues, so I don’t know what I’m talking about and my opinion is irrelevant :joy::joy:

Come on Brandon, you know me better than that.

Not VP, Commander in Chief. :woozy_face:

I truly feel that we the people can vote any way we want, but in the end, “they” will be the ones choosing who president it. God is letting us soak up all this BS because we turned our back on Him.

I think, if they can prop up Biden, like “Weekend at Bernie’s”, they will try to push him through. He already has the strings attached.

I think they 99% of them have strings attached!