Who Owns The Media?

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The media is the most influential source of information on the planet. The news surrounds us 24x7. Who owns the media that publishes the world’s information?

Thank God the majority of Americans are more informed than the majority of news anchors. for example I only watch MSNBC when I need a good laugh. Their outrageous stupidity reminds me of Stan and Ollie my very favorite comic team.

I have never owned a cell phone and I have never been on any social media site. It USED TO boggle my mind thinking about how people can become so addicted to “selfies”, upvotes, and all the other affirmation tools". I have finally come to realize that this is, in my opinion, what the Bible states relating to the falling away. Jesus is so far from most people and pushed aside by so many. I am trying so hard to not be negative with what is going on in the world today. I see God using this demented old man to represent the state that the USA has become. We NEED to be judged for Sodom’s sake. Thanks and God Bless to all who seek Wisdom…

I get the feeling this what the Davos crowd, that control the media, actually think: **We are the Borg - You will be assimilated - Resistance is futile. **
Listen to them and you could end up like this guy. The media said getting one of Elon’s brain chips could be a good thing; look at him now!


Stay in the word; we get the victory in the end!

Excellent insight there!

I told some gay supporters the same thing. God isn’t going to give them a pass after destroying 2 cities for the same lifestyle of sin.