Who knows about Neuropathy?

I had a serious motorcycle accident about 13 years ago. I was really lucky to survive, much less escape permanent damage so I thought. five years later I noticed a decline in my leg strength decreasing year after year. after 10 years it started progressing. I know some of it is caused by bone to bone in my right knee. Both of my forelegs are tender from the knee down
any input? it would be appreciated.

First- I’m so sorry about your accident and glad you survived. God apparently needed you here!!

As for neuropathy - ALPHA LIPOIC ACID!!! My dad had neuropathy in his legs and feet so bad, that if he didn’t take his alpha lipoic acid, he couldn’t walk. I had to get quite firm with many doctors regarding this during his multiple hospital stays. This is a good brand: https://www.vitacost.com/jarrow-formulas-energy-alpha-lipoic-sustain

The other thing for the knees - a good fish oil supplement. We used to take Krill Oil, but have changed to Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil.

Of course, I’m going to add…limit seed oils, soy and processed foods. Eat lots of good fat and farm fresh eggs. :slight_smile:


In 2018 I started to have symptoms similar to yours except mine progressed more rapidly. My legs became so weak that it affected my entire lifestyle. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain in my lower legs and feet. That same year I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my lower spine. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, and so about every six months I get a steroid shot in my back to control the pain.

You mentioned that you have a bad right knee, however the fact that your pain is in both legs suggests your nerve damage is probably further up, possibly in the lower spine. It seems like a long shot 13 years after your accident, but it is possible that you damaged your lower back, and if you had other injuries, it may have gone unnoticed at the time. It could be an old injury that healed in such a manner that it took years for your symptoms to manifest. This is something your doctor should be able to check out. In the meantime, Kay had some good suggestions. Good luck, I hope you find relief!


I appreciate that. I think it’s ‘Old timers’ disease like Art Linkletter always said, 'old age aint for sissies. He was darn sure right. I’ve been on steroids for about 5 years 'Dexalog 12. injections last’s for 4-5 months. Not as effective for the arthritis/ gout as it was the first 4 years. It did eliminate my severe allergies and hay fever that I’ve suffered since childhood. I developed thin skin shortly afterward, not sure if it’s associated with the steroids or not.
bruise’s and tears super easy? Thanks for the input old man.

I’ll second that! Good old Art Linkletter, there’s a name from the past. :slight_smile: I liked the part of his show when he would interview the little kids.

Those were great, 'kids say the darndest things. Yep, that was a wonderful country we lived in.