Who Are The Good Guys And Bad Guys In War?

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Have you ever asked yourself that question? In the conflict of war: Who are the good guys?… Who are the bad guys?… and how can you tell the difference? If you’re nation is involved in war, then naturally, you’re going to say, “We’re the good guys!” You may even follow it up with a few…

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Sad, but true. ------ :angry:

I agree with you Brandon, we are just pawns in a war controlled by evil men with an agenda. However, i disagree with you about the good guys or bad guys idea. I still believe we are a Christian nation, we have morals, and a lot of us hold Christian values. While the politicians have their big picture agenda, it’s important to remember that as individuals we have our own agenda in war. I am a veteran who served as an airborne infantryman and was deployed to Afghanistan. I can tell you that as a Christian our intentions were good. We always brought food and supplies to the people, candy to the kids, medical assistance to the sick and elderly, and so on. Do you think that if the taliban invaded this country they would do the same? They wish death to us all, they have no morals. I have seen with my own eyes the destruction they bring even to their own people. So from one Christian to another, i can tell you that we are the good guys. Our leaders of this nation may not be good, but as a nation of individuals we are and thats why we are a blessed nation. God bless you and thank you for your teachings.

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerer of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to Mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds…
Oh Lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

They truly are “WAR PIGS”

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I can agree with you to a point. I do think those, as you did, wanted to help with a Christian attitude. Problem is that is not why we went there, to help. There was a hidden agenda. Hence, those who have good intensions are the pawns.
Our nation cared about the children as much as Israel cares for the children they have been murdering. All the great things that you and your fellow service men and women tried to do was a side show so the masses wouldn’t see what the real agenda was.

I don’t think we are a Christian nation. If we were, we would not have abortions. We would not have the woke nonsense taught in schools, our churches would stand tall on the gay crap. We need to view the nation as the Lord does. Right now, He would spew us out of His mouth.

We Christians are living in a nation and world that is swirling the bowl. I do agree there are good guys in it, but as a whole, our nation is a sugar-coated turd.


You are absolutely correct! We are pawns in this Glo-Baal disorder. For ages the deception continues to keep people in fear. War has been with us since the Fall of Satan and his followers. Peace and Safety before Destruction. Absolutely no respect for life by these devils and their worshippers. Their ‘Order’ comes from causing divisiveness and chaos. The attacks are both spiritual and in the flesh by the ones that are antichrist. We just went through and are still dealing with the consequences of the C-19–Vax agenda. What is coming next? It is in plain site for those with their eyes made wide open by our Heavenly Father. Put those ‘sunglasses’ on.
We stay true; faithful to our Lord and King Jesus remaining in pray often. And comforting and encouraging our Brothers and Sisters. We stay on the side of righteousness. Come Lord Jesus!

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I wanted to disagree with at least something you said. I don’t like to believe that. But I couldn’t. it’s true.

Thank you for your sacrifice Hector.

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It’s sad what such a blessed nation has become. It is the preverbal biting the hand that feeds us.

Notably after C-19 and as each event unfolds over time under Gods Sovereignty perhaps more of the lost in this world will soften their hearts to Gods Gift of Grace in Jesus Christ. Without being saved by Jesus and clothed in His Righteousness we are no different than the blind ‘alphabet’ people and any of their supporters loving their Sin. Or anyone else that rejects the Gospel and loves their sin.
Lord have mercy on them.

This weekend was Remembrance Day on November 11. Lest we forget their ultimate sacrifice laying their lives down regardless of the evil intentions of the evil ones. Our God knows the soldiers heart.

We might have to kill if we are being attacked at our borders in defence of ourselves. We shouldn’t go somewhere else abroad on the offensive to kill ‘their’ enemies.

Yes it is, very painful to watch people forsake sound knowledge and defy age old wisdoms proven for thousands of years for lunacy. I never thought it could be possible.

Finally had time to read this and I agree with all of it. We have felt this way for quite a few years now. But I will add, we are also pawns in our everyday life…eating foods that we dont even know what’s in them, taking medications without knowing the harm they cause, sending children to schools for indoctrination and the oh so many useless jobs that just create more useless jobs. I could go on and on…

God bless every one of you and thank you @Hvelasquez for your service and anyone else out there that served. We just need to keep God in our everyday lives and spread our seeds where we can.

This little light of mine, 'I’m gonna let it shine I agree Kay.

Hector, thanks for your service and contribution here.

Welcome to the community sir.