Who Are God's Chosen People?

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God blessed Abraham with an everlasting covenant, even saying, “Bless them that bless thee.” We’re told this was bestowed on the Jews, but does the Bible really say that?


Speaking plainly, anyone who denounces the Son or His word, is not an inward Jew, not matter what is on the outside.


I get it, many of my questions were answered.

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Thank you so very much for putting these informative studies together for us.

I know you put in a lot of time to get the documentation from scripture and else where.

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It has filled in so many gaps for me concerning this subject.

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God chose the entire HEBREW nation, ALL of thectribes of Israel, through which to bless the world. NOT just the tribe of Judah.

Read it in Leviticus. In addition, God told Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that their offspring would be likecthe stars and rhe sand of the seashore, innumerable. That does not describe the single tribe of Judah.

Benjamin was encompassed within Judah because Benjamin was the smallest tribe. A few Levites were encompassed as well, as Priests.

The 10 tribes migrated over the Caucuses Mountains into Europe, beginning with Britton, Scotland, Ireland. They have spread throughout the world. The majority of the Christian nations today are the 10 tribes.

Read Rev 2:9 and 3:9, read the Parable of the Tares, read God’s sentence on Cain, i.e. “thou shalt be fugitive and VAGABOND in the earth”. Read the parable of the Tares.

The people reflected in all these verses, and mentioned throughout scripture have brainwashed the entire world into believing that the tribe of Judah are God’s chosen people. Its a lie.

Read Isaiah chapter 24 about the 2 Baskets of figs in the land of Israel today.

They have intermingled and interbred with the true tribe of Judah and scream that they are victims, and the majority of world believes them.

It is NOT the people of the tribe of Judah the Arabs hate, its the offspring of Cain they hate, but most dont know that because the offspring of Cain claa themselves “Jews”, but do lie.

How many countries have these people been kicked out of! 109. Vagabonds!

What does Hod tell us to do with them? Read the parable of the Tares, i.e. leave them alone. God will handle them.

They are negative part of God’s overall plan.

When God says that He will Bless those who Bless you, He was not speaking of a geographical location. He was speaking of the nation/people, all 12 tribes that are now scattered into different countries.

God told Abraham that hecwould make his offspring a great nation and a company of nations. How many different countries do the Caucasians make up?

There’s much, much more, but I will stop here.

The fake Jews, the offspring of Cain, own the entire world.

Jesuse tells us who they are in the Gospels “You are of your father, the devil”. Do not spiritualize that statement. They are the flesh offspring of Satan.

Joh 8:37 I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.

Satan and Eve (Parents)
The % of each generation of Satan Blood

  1. 1st generation = 50% each (Cain)

  2. 2nd generation = 25% each (Cain’s child, Enoch)

  3. 3rd generation = 12.5% each (Enoch’s child, Irad)

  4. 4th generation = 6.25% each (Irad’s child Mehujael)

  5. 5th generation = 3.125% each (Mehujael’s child Methusael)

  6. 6th generation = 1.5625% each (Methusael’s child Lamech)

  7. 7th generation = .78125% each (Lamech’s 2 children, Jabal and Jubal from Adah)
    (Lamech’s 2 children, Tubal-Cain and Naamah)

  8. 8th generation = .390625% each

  9. 9th generation = .1953125% each

  10. 10th generation = .09765625% each

We can see that Cain’s great-grandson would have 6 ½ % blood from Satan. This could easily occur in Cain’s lifetime. There were no daughters listed till, Tubal-Cain’s daughter was born, Naamah.
So even if inbreeding occurred, the blood level would be less than 1% and they would have had to marry daughters for thousands of years to keep that miniscule level.

For the so-called Jews of today to be polluted with Satan blood, which apparently the teaching says makes a person evil, to me, it is absurd to think that the amount of measured Satan blood in anyone today would still exist.