Where’s the Hamas Command Center under the Gaza hospital?

It seems we’ve entered a critical stage in Gaza…

For sometime now, Israel has said Hamas has their main headquarters, a terror command center under the Al-Shifa Hospital. Israel has repeatedly attacked hospitals in Gaza under this pretext.

Note: under international law, a hospital cannot be attacked, unless it’s being used for military operations.

You may recall seeing this image from Israel in various media publications.

That’s the Al-Shifa Hospital compound with markings by Israel of where the Hamas main command center is located.

Now, on Wednesday morning,

The Israeli military said it was carrying out a “precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area” of Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza - CBS

The idea was, that Israel already knew where the command center was located. That’s why the operation was to be “precise and targeted” as it was all based on “intelligence” data.

However, now that Israel’s been in control of the complex for roughly five days, there’s no Hamas command center. That is, so far. We should give them the benefit of the doubt for a few more days.

So this is what the Israeli military has found. This video was from Nov 14th.

In that video, the military personal being interviewed said the one room was an armory for Hamas. This is an image of the armory.

A day later, on November 15th, the Israeli media showed a video with some rifles being found within the hospital in various places. You can see that here.

So we have a few more rifles, some clips, and a couple flak jackets.

My friends, that’s not a command center, and honestly, those items could have been planted by the Israeli military. The Israeli military ensured that no outside sources were present, even the UN, for the operation and entry into the hospital.

Now war is war, I get that. However, wouldn’t you want the world to see, with certainty, all of these items as they’re actually found, to remove any doubt?

I would think so, but I’m not in Israel’s shoes either.

In this video, Israel is seen delivering supplies to the hospital.


Honestly my friends, at this point, I cannot help but feel like it’s all staged. Those must be the biggest signs I have ever seen on a box, on all sides no less. The purpose, to ensure you know Israel is delivering aid.

Personally, I think Israel’s playing the PR game. For their sakes though, I truly hope they find a Hamas command center under that hospital, though as of right now, that looks very doubtful which will be a major black eye for Israel.

As of today, doctors at the hospital say everyone has been forced to leave, Israel denies.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one…


Where are the photos of the dead Hamas Command Center commanders??

P.S. I hope someone helped that poor kitty that was in the video.

Many hunters have that many guns in their arsenal. Don’t command centers usually have communication equipment? If they were grab bags, why were they left? If the computer has evidence, why not show it?

I have to add, if you’re in a command center and have to leave, you don’t let your laptop lay there with a stack of DVD’s having all your evidence on them. Could have been MRI pics.