When ministers misinterpret scripture

When your minister misinterprets scripture, Should he be confronted in private in a polite and respectful manner?

I believe you should always be respectful. I went to a Catholic mass with my mom for my nieces 8th grade graduation. I joked with my mom asking her if I can correct the priest openly in mass if he misinterprets. LOL Of course, I wouldn’t do that unless it was REALLY bad.

I hadn’t been to a mass since my dad’s funeral in 2018. There were two main points that I didn’t like. First, the way he glossed over the gospel and never got to the meat of it. Also, since this school only goes to 8th grade, many of the kids would be going to public high schools. He brought up that it will be different because you won’t have mass and prayer during school anymore and just told them not to worry because they can still come to church on Sunday. To me, the message should have been to keep God close and you can pray in school anytime you want. Also to keep God in all of your decisions and actions. Nope, just told them to come to church on Sunday. :frowning:


My wife went to the 8th grade in a catholic school as well. Mostly she talks about how mean some of the nun teachers were. I guess they were pretty handy with inflicting pain with the rulers they always carried. She has no fond memories of those days in school. I was raised in the Baptist church and talked her into going to church with me once. She was shocked by the shouting preacher. I remember a couple of times when she was startled and jumped when the preacher really got fired up. It was very amusing to me. I was equally out of place when I went to church with her once. the kneeling stoops, the dipping of the fingers in the wine and the wafers. very strange to me. I was impressed that most of the people weren’t all dressed up. They attended mass and then went back to whatever they were doing. I liked that part.

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I think times have changed with most catholic schools now. No nuns when my son was there. And that is funny that you mentioned the Baptist church. I think I was in 1st grade and my best friend asked if I could come to church with her. My mom said it was okay, but don’t listen or let them change your catholic beliefs. (I think some catholics feel like if you’re not catholic, your going to hell) Anyway, I go to church with my friends family and it scared the heck out of me! All of sudden parishioners were yelling Halleluiah and I jumped! I remember feeling a little scared actually! :rofl:

No Kay, that’s all churches.

If you don’t belong to insert church name you don’t know the truth AND you’re going to hell. Perhaps, in a hand basket! :smile:

reminds me of a good laugh, I will have to add in entertainment