When Life Throws You Road Blocks, Ask For Prayers

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Life is always presenting problems, but we don’t have to deal with it alone. We can reach out to God and the Christian faithful to help us in our sorrows.


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Brandon another timely message! My road blocks have been like boulders falling from the sky and I am trying to run and dodge them! I feel so alone with my family woes but it could be so much worse I know. . I reached out just today to a relatable friend who came back to my grandsons school. We talked and we are getting together. I felt such a sense of relief! Thank you for your messages, they mean a lot!


That is some good medicine.

I am more than happy to pray for anyone. :pray:

It helps me praying for others.


And you will be in my prayers as well!


I believe prayer does several things. It humbles us, joins us and builds our faith. Knowing more people are helping pull the wagon, seems to help with the burden and lifts the spirit getting past the flesh mind in thinking things are impossible.

Years ago, I figured the Lord was too busy running the universe to help with problems, some small, some big. Which is a big lie the flesh tells us.


Very true and timely message. A great reminder of the love Our Father has for us. Sometimes we get so busy in the weeds of daily living that we don’t stop and take a deep breath and ask God for his continued direction. I know I’m guilty of that.


I also believe that prayer brings upon a positive energy around us and spreads. Just like positive thoughts vs negative thoughts. Again goes back to the ripples…


Please keep me in prayer; I’ve been depressed since the holidays. To top it off I lost a best friend who was gay, he left to be with a young gay guy. I don’t know why I’m hurt due to the fact we have been friends for 15 years. I need strength and to get my life back to GOD and my son is an alcoholic and has liver issues. Thank you!

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Welcome sid! You are in my prayers. Ask our Father to help you out of this depression he knows you better than you know yourself. Stay in Gods word daily and try to keep positive thoughts. You will get through this just stay strong! :heart:


Thank you for your prayers. Love in Christ.

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