When Does The War With Gog And Magog Begin?

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The war with Gog and Magog has caused much confusion. However, by analyzing Ezekiel along with other Scriptures, we can identify this pivotal moment in history.

I must respectfully disagree with this analysis of the attempted attack of Magog and allies on Israel. Firstly, this analysis essentially says that the Gog and Magog attack is Armageddon? I submit that it is not Armageddon because there are differences. When God destroys the forces of Gog and Magog and their allies, Ezekiel plainly says the Israelites will require 7 months to collect and dispose of the bodies of the slain and 7 years to burn their weapons of war. If Gog and Magog’s destruction occurs at the end of the Tribulation, in other words Armageddon, I dont believe the Millennium will begin with 7 years of clean-up. Additionally, God will call the birds of prey to feast on those destroyed in Armageddon, not having them gathered and buried by the Israelites. Secondly, the prophecy of gathering the 12 tribes back together has already occurred beginning in May of 1948. Thirdly, I suggest a much more reasonble analysis. I believe the Gog and Magog and Allies attack will be precipitated by Israel’s preemptive attack on Iran to prevent Iran from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons. When Gog and Magog are destroyed, this will usher in the Antichrist’s signing of a peace covenant with Israel, which begins the Tribulation. Thus, the Gog and Magog and Allies attack on Israel must occur sometime before the Tribulation begins. Gog and Magog attack is NOT Armageddon and will not occur at the end of the Great Tribulation. Not all of Ezekiel, Daniel or Revelation is symbolic. Some of it is literal. If not, why does Ezekiel and Jesus describe the occurences in such detail. Of course, these are just my thoughts from extensive studies of scripture and much reading of expositions of Bible Scholars, and I admit to NOT being anywhere close to being a scholar.

Here are some of my first thoughts. I am studying all the chapters involved again.

The 2 sticks have not come together as yet. Even though the country of Israel was established in 1948, both sticks are not present there and they couldn’t even fit in the sliver of land mass given the so-called Jews. (A true Jew is from the tribe of Judea)

When reading Ezekiel 37:25, it states both sticks will dwell in the land given to Jacob, where their fathers dwelt. This land was the promised land told to Abraham. All but a sliver of this land, Israel being the sliver, is in the hands of the sons of Ishmael, the half-brothers of the 12 tribes.

Verse 19-21 tells us that the children of Israel, the one stick, not Judah, will be gathered from among the heathen. The 10 tribes of Israel are all over the world. Especially the western nations. We know they have not been gathered as yet. They will be brought into their “own land”, the promised land.

Some say the western nations are where they are gathered, the Christian nations, but that isn’t what it really states. Jacob was never promised Europe and the Americas.