What your thoughts about EMP warfare?

Hello All, Wondering what your thoughts about EMP warfare as its all over the news now " Cascading Risks: The U.S. Is Vulnerable To An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack" current FORBES headlines. Nothing but gloom and doom.
Angie :slight_smile:

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Brandon may put this in a separate topic, but I understand why you put this here.

My first thought on a fear based headline is, Why are they bringing this up now? To insight more fear? To use that fear to launder more of our tax dollars? Another wait and see situation.

Now, I don’t discount the fact that EMP warfare is real and I actually do expect something like that to happen at some point…not saying it will, but a darn good chance. So what do we do about it if it happens? Be as prepared as you can be. Food, water, heat source, etc. This is where our so-called progress in this world really was not progress at all. Our “progress” sold people out. They wanted convenience over doing things for themselves.

Bottom line for me…be wiser than the serpent and put all trust in God.

Here’s my thoughts:

I’m longer a slave to fear.
For I am a child of God!!

You unravel me with a melody
You surround me with a song
Of deliverance from my enemies
'Til all my fears are gone

I’m longer a slave to fear.
For I am a child of God!!

Fear is a snare!
They have to get your focus off the terrible inflation report.
They have to get your mind off of how they are fixing to throw Biden under the bus. Only to prop up another member of the “tribe”.
And scare you so they force through the spying bills coming up for a vote so they continue their evil deeds.

My thoughts, and now I’m going fishing.

I’m confused now, I thought the alien invasion was up next. :crazy_face:

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Hi Kay,
I hope you are well. Put this here because I didn’t know where else to ask a general question and get everyone’s thoughts.
Sorry Brandon.
I agree with ya 100%. I am also as prepared as I can be and trust God with the rest. I had to shake my head when I saw this because it’s always something!! No fear at all on my part, I do worry about loved ones that live in larger areas though I know God will protect no matter what happens.
Watching the bible come to life in front of my eyes. Faster and faster. Day by day!
Can’t image how anyone could live in this world and feel safe or be happy if they didn’t know God and it’s his plan.
Thank you for taking the time to respond!
Angie :wink:

:rofl: :rofl:Perfect!! The invasion is scheduled for next week!

Shoot, I thought it was the meteor crashing into earth next. :rofl:

EMP warfare has been around for years, but yes it keeps popping up. people sell all kinds of emp equipment for your cars, house etc. sounds really good right? i would not want to be the only house on the street with the lights on, you can bet there would be total panic in the streets. a lot of thought has to go into thinking all these things out. the elites i am sure have their “bunkers” all equipped with all this garbage, but just remember, they are underground and will be sealed in their tombs. so are they really smarter?

No i think it is the China invasion at the southern border.

True!! You would become VERY popular and maybe not in a good way. You would need to stay low key for sure

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i think if that was attempted to put in play, it would go “haywire”. Now maybe they think they could control and pinpoint EMP, but it would not be largescale. I mean, I hope they know this.

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i don;t think they would want to “fry” the circuitry. I think they would rather aim at a very cohesive linkage…so it will be available for satan to hand out his mark when he is here.

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Hi Linda,
It would put a kink in the whole one world digital systems. :slight_smile:

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they would probably do it over a major city or cities, it would be a blood bath for sure. people sure would not know what to do. horrible!