What You Speak In Darkness Will Be Heard In The Light

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Gossipers think their secrets will remain hidden, not so. Moreover, all the wickedness in the world will one day be revealed before the judgment seat of Christ.


If we are Christian, we are to be a reflection of Him as we walk this earth. We are to be that light that reflects His glory to all.

Also, if we are Christian we believe that God is everywhere, including right next to us. So as we speak we need to realize that God is right there listening. Are we speaking words that would make Him proud of us?

This is something that I have been working on for myself, especially when I get frustrated about something. It’s hard sometimes, but making a conscious effort to reflect what God expects of us should be all of our top goals in this flesh life.


James chapter three should be read weekly by all.
Mathew 15:11
Scripture is very powerful, any person that reads it knows in there heart that it is absolute truth. Even demons know it.

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Thanks for providing these verses! Its much appreciated. And I agree, James 3:1-18 should be read weekly.

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