What Will 2023 Bring Us?

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We’re firing up my crystal ball once again, and my magic 8-ball. Prepare thyself… “What does the future hold?” *** Shake shake shake *** “Outlook not so good.” Figures! The world’s outlook is never good these days. There’s always some doom lurking behind the corner or doom waiting to pop up and getcha! Luckily, doom…


Agree Ukraine is a scam zelensky is an actor they even gave him an oscar :man_facepalming:!


I agree. I thought it was interesting that many of our politicians, last year, went over to Ukraine–considering, we were told, at any minute Putin would lobe a nuke at Ukraine.

I personally believe, they were going there to pick up their money that was laundered for them through Ukraine.

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Just saw where the geniuses are saying that in the next 2 decades, we will eat ourselves out of house and home. Plus 97% of the earths animals and fish are at the point of extinction. Just bugs and roots.

There’s definitely a lot of exaggeration. However, there is some truth to it too.

There are now 8 billion people on the planet. Without farming, we wouldn’t be able to survive off the animals in the wild like the ol days. We would eat them all off the face of the earth. Meanwhile, mankind continues destroying the environment of critters, and our own, all to make a buck of course.

Here’s something interesting.


The land mass of United States is 3 times larger than India’s. However, India’s population is 4.1 times larger than ours. If you look at the population density of India, it’s 464 people per km. In the United States, it’s 36 people per km!

Now, how about a little math?..

464 people per km * 9,147,420km2 = 4,244,402,880 people!

If the United States had the population density of India, America would have 4.2B people. :nauseated_face:

If you think the stores and cities are crowded now, you ain’t seen nothing yet! :grin: By the way, notice on that graphic, India is growing at .99% each and every year. That means, in one year, their population will rise by 13.6 million people. :nauseated_face:

Now, how are you going to feed, clothe, and shelter all that?

In Genesis 11:6, God said,

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

He knew this day would come. We have enabled ourselves to live much longer through technology. Now, how do we solve the population problem? One way or another, it’ll solve itself, but we might not like the outcome.

Actually, by 2100, the global population is supposed to peak at 11.2B. If it didn’t, major changes would have to take place at some point. There cannot be a perpetual population increase as there has been in the last 100 years.

Good thing we won’t have to worry about that. :smile:

Didn’t they say awhile back that there was a decrease in the birth rate, the younger generation weren’t having enough children to keep up with the future work force? I thought at the time this was another sky is falling deal.

Looks like some of the other countries need to find another hobby.

You got it.

The first-world nations are not having as many kids, only some of the third-world nations are. So, birth rates are already headed down, but it’ll take a while until they peak. I don’t see it as a problem. The population cannot continue on forever.


We colonize Mars…

Who’s in?