What’s your New Year's resolution?

So here we are, it’s December 2nd, and New Year’s 2023 is right around the corner…

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

With such advanced notice, you won’t have an excuse for not having one! :grin:

I couldn’t keep one so I don’t make one. Hard to believe that another year is coming to an end. Maybe it’s just old age but I really do think time flies.

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I don’t make New Years resolutions! Haven’t for years. But I am curious about yours!

I just may try to come up with one…

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No kidding - time is really flying!! And I think it goes faster the older you get. I’ve pondered this for awhile and I’m going to try and explain it. Think about how our brains process things and it continually is gathering more information. Kind of like a computer actually. As we experience things over and over, it would only make sense that the processing goes faster. No idea if that makes any sense or not - I’m not good at explaining things that float around in my brain :rofl: .

To be slow to speak, slow to anger.


That’s a good one! I have been working on that as well.

I’m going to read through the Bible this year, for real. That was my goal last year, but I didn’t pull it off. I got a little tired and frustrated in the Old Testament. I wanted to choke the Israelites out myself.


So I’ll finish it this year, I already picked it back up.

Also, get more in shape, more walking each and every day. I keep adding .5 mi a month. We have hiking to do in Montana this summer! Had issues with a knee, but I know the scoop now, so I have a game plan. My oldest son and I have a goal of 50 pushups by spring. We’re going to make it! :muscle:t3: We joked about shooting for 100 in one go, not sure if we will really attempt it though.

That’s what I have for now!

P.S. I’m going to add @Cozar’s to my list as well. Can never have enough of that! :+1:t3:

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I totally get it in regards to the OT. God was not joking that there would be temptations, but to see the Israelites screw up over an over again especially after so many literally saw what God was doing for them. Yet, on the flip side, it also brought a comfort to my soul - God is so loving and so forgiving. Re-reading it really shined a light on what is happening today all around us. (of course, I again just kept reading without taking notes…so now I have an excuse to read it yet again. :slight_smile: )

I am on my 4th trip thru the Bible in about 15 years cover to cover. Discovering something new every trip!

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What’s that like??? :rage: :grinning:

Yes! I can read a chapter one day and then go back to it a few weeks later and still find something new! <3

To not grind my teeth over things like this!

Mr. Snowflakes I will have to get back with ya on that.

So far I have only been to apply it when I am asleep. :rofl:

But hey by golly I am going to work on it you betcha. :grin:

Never park near those things, they’re a death trap! :shopping_cart: :grin: