What’s This Christian Nationalism Business?

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We keep seeing that phrase, “Christian Nationalism” in the news, don’t we? It’s a growing trend, one that I was asked about, so let’s talk about it today. It’s not really a new term, but one that has been revived from the distant past. It’s easy to see why in our post-COVID world. Lockdowns and…

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The main problem with Christian Nationalism I see is that the same corrupt politicians we’ve been dealing with all along are the ones who want to define exactly what this “Christian” nationalism stands for.

Christ said, “many will come in my name saying, ‘I am Christ’, deceiving many”. Many misunderstand this IMO to say they are saying they are Christ. I think it means they are saying Christ is Christ but they are using their supposed belief in Him to deceive people due to the gullible being persuaded more easily by another christian.

Notice the majority of the what we called the Christian Right for decades #1 political mantra being support for Israel even though in 1948 as much as 80% of the town of Bethlehem were Palestinian Christians who for the most part have been driven out, just as an example.

For the last 2K years the rural population was a mix but had a large percentage of Christians many who have predominantly the same DNA as the ancient Hebrews.

Of course through their rhetoric the Zionist on the Christian right emphasize the Muslim terrorists in Palestine. Which of course it true, but not the entire truth. Many Palestinian Christians who remain are caught in the middle as we speak. Don’t here much about them do we…?

Anyway, just the point. Christian Nationalism will have the agenda they choose at the top. The majority will likely go along with it, but is it right? Politically yes, morally and spiritually? Likely far from it.