What’s the deal with Autism?

This subject played a role in our decision to never vaccinate our kids. I’m not saying it’s tied to it, no one knows for sure. I was going to talk about this last week, but held off, and ironically enough, it’s a subject now in the news.

Take a look at this autism chart from the CDC. Look at the rapid increase in autism rates over the years.

Note: All autism data is based on tracking within 11 communities in the United States.

Back when we did our research, the autism rate was 1 in 150 births. I remember finding a chart back then that went much further back. The autism rates had continued to climb, I couldn’t believe it was 1 in 150 back then!

Now look at the rate!

1 in 36 children have autism today.

So it continues to increase, year after year.

What’s causing it, and why is this not an important health issue?

As with anything, there’s a lot of false information out there. This article claims the Amish don’t get autism as they don’t vaccinate, and they primarily eat only their own grown organic food.

That’s simply not true.

We’ve spent a lot of time in Amish communities, especially the big one there in Elkhart Indiana. I can tell you, the Amish shop at the same stores we do. In fact, on the side of the Walmart in one town, they have a spot for them to park their buggies. On numerous occasions, I saw them purchasing what I would call, unhealthy food products.

Then we have this study from back in 2010,

Preliminary data have identified the presence of ASD in the Amish community at a rate of approximately 1 in 271 children using standard ASD screening and diagnostic tools although some modifications may be in order.

  • Back in 2010, 1 in 271 Amish children had autism.
  • Back in 2010, the CDC said the rate was 1 in 68 children.

So the Amish have a lower rate, but autism still exists in their communities. This tells me, the issue concerns lots of things. Our food supply, water, pollution, and no doubt, vaccination.

So here’s another thought…

The CDC says the present autism rate is 1 in 36 births. Now I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of kids and I almost never see an autistic one. If the rate was truly 1 in 36 kids, then I should see a lot of autism, but I don’t.

So is it possible, there is an “autism diagnosis” problem?

One thing is certain, it should have been investigated decades ago.


I studied this extensively also when my son was born and I then stopped all vaccinations. Wish I would have stopped sooner. I would have to look at my notes but I believe we stopped right before age 2. Also, if I remember correctly it was 1 in 8 for boys!!

I think one of the reasons you don’t see many autistic children is because you homeschool. And many times, the non-verbals don’t get out in the world as much…sadly. You also have to consider all the ones that are “on the spectrum”. We are at the railroad tracks often, and you will see them there off and on because I know railfanning can calm many of them.

Now for the misdiagnosis - I agree with you there. And there is a lot of misdiagnosis to ADHD. The expectations that this generation puts on children at such an early age is sinful in my opinion. Kids in K4 are expected to sit still in class. These kids should be active and playing. Socializing! Not condemning them for doing so. Even in K5…it’s insanity! As soon as there is a child that is more active (which is normal) they want to medicate them. I’ve seen that happen too many times and it’s disgusting. Mind altering drugs for all these young kids…just makes me want to cry.

I have some opinions on this whole topic, but won’t get into them here. At least not at this point. I am continuing to pray for clarity and discernment.

Oh…and the crazy statements that people make like “the amish don’t get autism”…that is the nonsense that leads to people not taking you seriously.

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Vaccines play a roll in alot of stuff. So does the unheathy food they push. I got 59 shots not covid though. I’ll never get another one the rest of my life but they are def bad. I look at my own body and life.


Yes…the foods are just horrible. And when word gets out about an ingredient being bad, they just change the name of it. Sad…just plain disgustingly sad. All plays into my favorite word lately, “CONVENIENCE”. Convenience is what got us into this mess.

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Well, we live everywhere. RV parks all over the country, which have lots of kids. Some of the parks, actually a fair bit these days have people who live there, permanently. Thank our leaders for destroying the economy (inflation).

Not to mention when we’re out and about, parks, trails, typical city life, stores and what not. We just don’t see it. 1 in 36 is a lot.

The last autistic kid we saw was back in Tennessee last summer. Before that, I couldn’t tell you.

Prior to our journey, we home schooled, but took the kids into class once a week for certain things. I don’t think there was an autistic kid in the whole school.

It’s an interesting subject and one that should be addressed to alleviate concerns.

P.S. Glad you stopped before 2 years. We knew a couple people who had kids in their family where the kid became autistic at 18mo. The vaccine schedule has another dose at that mark.

We may never know the truth, I just know we looked at the odds of even getting some of the diseases and some of the things you can do in case you do get them. With that said, vaccines just didn’t make sense.


From my own research it was happening after the MMR shot. It had Thimerosal in them.

When I was a child I had maybe, 10 shots from zero to 18 years old. Children today from zero to 18 are getting around 69 doses.

They push chicken pox vaccines and, yet, when I was a child my mother and other mother’s whose children had chicken pox had parties so the kids could catch it and become immune to chicken pox, no one that I ever knew died of chicken pox. The same with measles.

Something to think about; a newborn baby is recommended to get a hepatitis B vaccine before they leave the hospital–if the parents were healthy and not drug users, why do you suppose they push that vaccine on a newborn baby whose immune system is not developed?

It is the things that are in the vaccine that can cross the blood brain barrier that causes these issues. In my research, it hit’s boys more than girls.

I work with a autistic man . He is a 19 year old with a 12 year old mind. He was diagnosed with aspergers on the spectrum. His mother said she notice this behavior right after his MMR shot when he was 18 months old. He was walking and talking before the shot, then a week or so after the shot he regressed, stopped walking and talking. He is brilliant in some things, and he is, I can attest to this, but in common sense issues he cannot comprehend.

I also think it is other things as well. The problem I have with vaccines is the 1986 Vaccine Act that gives big pHARMa immunity from lawsuits which made me start my research when finding that out.

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I was thinking about that too when I read your article and it surprised me. So who really knows - you know me…I always question the numbers that are put out. The figure of 1 in 8 boys always threw me for a loop…didn’t seem possible. But I think that is what made us stop! So whether is was true or not, I’m glad I read it. Some day I really need to start up my old desktop and see if I can find all of that information I had back then.

That just breaks my heart to pieces. I’ve read about it all too many times. I’m friends with a woman that was heavily involved with The Thinking Moms Revolution organization. The stories are just so sad and the way parents are treated when they ask doctors questions is disgusting. I keep the parents in my prayers as they do not have an easy life.

And yes, I believe we didn’t get to the 18 mo. cycle. Praise God! But I did have the county health dept calling me and harassing me about it! What a joke that was.


Very good points and a lot of what you said I have documented…sitting on an old desktop computer that I haven’t started up in years! I have my own theory on vaccinations and our food supply, but it’s just a theory at this point, so I will keep my mouth shut for now. :slight_smile:

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I am done being silent on things I have researched and cross reference and witnessed.

It is a travesty how the medical community stays silent–not all. I had a great pediatrician who when I asked questions, he answered, truthfully. He also told me he and his wife did their research, and did not vaccinate their children for the very reasons I questioned him about.

People have to do their own research and pray for God’s guidance. It’s a rabbit hole that many people will wished they didn’t fall into. There is a lot of evil out there and you have to understand that the medical tyranny, we are dealing with now, has Satan’s fingerprints all over it.

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Speaking of medical tyranny.

They are trying to do away with independent doctors.

Then the doctors have to tow the line since they are now “employees” of the machine.

Remember when the HMO’s came into play?
Many of the old fashioned doc’s said to hell with this BS and retired.

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I think you might have mistaken what I meant, I don’t keep silent on the dangers of vaccinations. Majority of my family and friends think I’m “out there” on this whole thing. What I meant is that I’m keeping silent as to the reason for all of this - the vaccinations, the food supply and the air we breath. The point you mentioned earlier, the blood brain barrier, is key to what I’m thinking.

The reason we left my sons first pediatrician is because he said that since he’s eating whole foods that I should quit breastfeeding. That was the last time we saw him. I truly believe that my so-called extended breastfeeding is what saved him. My view on breastfeeding is you do it until the child chooses not to do it any longer.

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I don’t believe there are any independent doctors anymore already. I guess it depends on the definition of independent. If you want to hold a medical license you have to play by their rules. That’s includes things like what the diagnosis to give based on test results, what you HAVE TO prescribe if they have that specific diagnosis. Ignoring all other symptoms the patient has. My mom’s dr which is now retired said that he hasn’t been able to be a real “doctor” for years. My homeopath was a registered nurse so she could get around some of the regulations and take care of her patients…but even she is got roped into the mainstream somehow. Needless to say, I no longer see her either.

And yes! That HMO business crap! I remember that clearly and how happy everyone was because they would have lower premiums. All it was was another “snare” that we fell into. Now the insurance companies and pharma run our healthcare.

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My wife is seeing a functional medicine doctor now.
He’s an M.D.
He is independent and he does not just throw meds at you.
I really like him and next time I have any issues I am going to him myself.

I mentioned Functional doctor to one of my family members and they think this is who we are seeing.

Witch Doctor

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Great to hear!! And ain’t that the truth?! We do have one that I like in the area so if needed that is who we will see.

Sorry for my mistake. I am just so tired of people trying to shut down everyone’s opinions backed by research.

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Five years ago, I worked for a hospital.

This has been going on for quite some time. Perhaps some others in the medical field will chime in. I know there are lots of good reasons for this. One, costs are outrageous. So the idea is to bring down costs. Another, is bringing more of the medical profession to rural communities. That was a big one where I worked, as we were a rural community surrounded by even more rural communities that didn’t have doctors or hospitals nearby. By bringing them into the hospital system, we could now offer specialized doctors in their region, where they never had it before.

If I recall, it also had to do with getting government to pay a basic fee to cover a region of people. Then the medical facility in that area is responsible for the population’s health care. Depending on where you live, most people are on some form of government aid. Whether it’s medi-cal, medi-care, or something else. From the outside, it sounds all bad, but from the inside, a lot of it makes sense.

For several years before I left, our hospital started taking over clinics in the rural areas, (the doctors joined, not a hostile takeover). We went in, trained staff, and updated their computers, software, phones, etc to bring them up to date. Then, it gave the people in that community the opportunity to use our hospital for procedures, scans, etc. They now had access to all this stuff for a decent price compared to before. By the way, before I left, this whole program was failing financially. It was simply not cost-effective for the hospital. All that training, computers, phones, etc are not free!

Just as I was leaving, a Christian hospital came in and purchased ours! So there is a lot of takeover and consolidation in that field. In some instances this does help people, in others, that might not be the case. Competition is always a good thing, but in rural land when there is no competition you’ll gladly take what you can get.

It’s interesting when you’re privy to the behind the scenes action. :+1:t3:


I would be interested in seeing the statics, say back to the 1940’s. I am retired from medical field and I can’t recall even ever hearing the word ‘autism’. I am guess it’s a real thing now, but never heard kids having to have PE Tubes. So my question, are we really moving ahead in medicine, or just finding a way to give excuses to so much of the bad we see in todays world, ie religion, parenting, education,etc?


Brandon, I’ve noticed that people tend to use autism, bi-polar and many other as excuses for their undisciplined brats behavior and even for their own shortcomings. It’s like a free pass

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