What? no cranberry salad recipes for Thanks giving?

As far back as I can remember my grandmother made cranberry salad every holiday meal.
She would have one us kids crank the old cast iron grinder that clamped to the counter top.
two bags 1/2 lb. bags of fresh cranberries, one time through the grinder that made chunks about 1/2 the size of a corn kernel. rinse one time and strain. place in bowl and pour 2- cups sugar on top and stir, cover and set in the fridge overnight. after draining the following day
she would she would chop a 1/2 lb bag of pecans and pour in. spoon out a mid size cool whip bowl on top. add a small bag of mini marsh mellows and stir until mixed and chill. I still have that old grinder and still make it on thanksgiving and Christmas. What’s your favorite?
Happy Thanksgiving all!


I also love the fresh cranberries. We chop ours up…in a food processor :roll_eyes: I should really pull out the old fashion grinder, but we also add and orange, peel and all. Now in today’s world, I would suggest an organic orange especially since you are using the peel. Then I add sugar to taste. We also love the pecans in it!

Note - I ordered 30 lbs of organic cranberries, thats how much we love our cranberries around here. Unfortunately, trying to find organic oranges hasn’t been easy…


Orange, that sounds good. I have added a chopped apple in the past , Kids were disappointed.
looked at me with disgust. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :rofl:

Oh, I think the apples would be great in there!!! Silly kids…they must like tradition!

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