What Kind Of Sex Is Allowed In A Christian Marriage?

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Sex shouldn’t be a distant thought in a Christian marriage. God created it for us to enjoy, but there is a right and wrong way to do it.

So you are gonna tell 40 to 70 year old’s how to have sex? most of us have multiple children and have been married for decades. I don’t think so.

Thank you for sharing this question again! In this world, the fornication is everywhere. There is no privacy or modesty anymore. No wonder, people may be confused as to if it’s okay or not…… afterall, the world says its “normal and healthy to watch porn in a relationship.” How people can twist scripture and make it okay….

Thank you for not being afraid to talk about this issue! It’s an issue for adults but now for kids :frowning: but that’s for another topic!

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In general, don’t do anything that compromises your self-respect and dignity. He should not pressure you to do or perform something against your conscience. And you should not cater to his selfish sexual fantasies. But the fact that you do cater to the selfishness of a man, may be because you are an appeaser, and insecure. His unhealthy needs and your satisfying that need will result in disease, mental illness, problem children, and an overall miserable existence and addiction. But if you love God more than man, a miracle will take place. Take care.