What Is The Rapture?

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The rapture belief states, Christians are removed from earth before the Tribulation. I will discuss the various beliefs and explain why they are not Biblical.


We will be here. Time to prepare! Covid mandates were preseason game 1


Well, you are certainly testing my belief system. The way I see it, or the same argument I give to a non believer: Are you willing to bet whole eternal life on your faith? Meaning, if your wrong --you die and go to fire. If I’m wrong, nothing happens.
So even though I read this (and I have asked Holy Spirit in past for answers), logically, I’ve always understood there could be no “rapture,” so I just revert back to plan A. Live like we’re supposed to live in Christ. My end goal is to serve the Lord and go to Heaven. So I will not be deceived the way you think I will. I will DIE for CHRIST! I have, I did. :thinking:
This still doesn’t explain everything to me and is not cut and dry like you would have it. What I feel the Holy Spirit revealed to me; the “church” is never mentioned past Rev 4, Rev 5 goes strait to the Jews/12 Tribes/144k sealed. Tribulation starts and God’s wrath is literally poured out on earth as the Anti-christ is given authority to reign. STOP THERE.
This is where I question based on God’s attributes, who HE is, and we have already died to self.
First, right now there’s still a difference between Gentiles and Jews. This is still the age of Grace and Gentiles = Jesus. We are the current Church of Jesus (all Gentiles). When has God ever dealt with Jews and Gentiles together and same? It makes total sense for Jesus to take his Church to safety. WHY?
-We have given our life already and made our commitment. To me that is the reward.
-If God is a just God, how can God’s wrath be used to pour out on Saints already? How can God punish himself or the righteous? Just as God is so righteous and can’t be around sin --it HAS TO WORK BOTH WAYS. He is JUST.
-His Jews/chosen still don’t see Jesus until Mid Trib/Abomination of Desolation (why they have to be protected) Hence the angel flying around earth and two witnesses. They haven’t seen yet and this is what it is all about, not us.
-This is all about Israel in the Trib, not saved Christians that know the truth.
-This is why Jews can’t read Daniel, or are forbidden.
-God started w Israel and Jews; makes absolute sense he will end with His land and His people. We are seeing it today; still Jews are coming back to Israel in droves.
I’m no theologian, I carry ZERO of man’s titles, but I am Child of God and I know what has been put on my heart, based on 1000’s of other scriptures and God’s attributes. I’m sorry, but I can’t see and don’t feel God will put through a wrath that was meant specially for evil unbelievers and for chosen to eventually see. I had a specific “ahh-haa” moment one day about this.
I will give serious thought and prayer over this, again. Again, no biggie if Jesus doesn’t come back for his Gentile Church --I will continue to serve and most likely die quickly b/c I can’t stand the evil and satan now. The good news --I will be home one way or another :crown:

This is where the term “Jew” is a misconception. Paul was not a bloodline “Jew,” he was a Benjamite. The 10 lost tribes were not Jews, they were Hebrews. All the 12 tribes were Hebrews, but only one was of Judah, Jew.

There were genealogical Jews, geographical Jews, and spiritual Jews. The rest were considered gentiles. Hence the words, “say they are Jews, but are not”.


Well, I’ve had some coffee. Time to ponder and step back. Thank you for your reply.
Either way, even if I don’t agree or I’m not there yet, it will not comprise who I am in Christ.
Again, plan A in Christ. What a treat and relief for those that don’t believe in Christ taking his Church.
I’m not expert on Judaism or any of that. Maybe my keeping it simple is showing my ignorance. Therefore, I am not able to speak on your reply. I purposely choose to keep a “childlike faith.”
To all in here, I’m ok to disagree and harbor zero hard feelings. I know I’m the only one that believes this way (hence Brandon’s piece). This is not a deal breaker here or for my true home. I’ve already done what Christ required of me --he doesn’t change the rules.
However, this poses a whole other topic for me: Say there is no “rapture” or Jesus coming for his Church; now there are Christians/Saints (covered by the blood of Jesus) under authority of the Anti-Christ, can one lose their salvation during this period? Will we go against scripture in Romans 8:38/39?
Again, how can God punish His own Holy Spirit living in us? Why would God allow part of His Holy Trinity to be subjected to reign of satan? Jesus came to save the world and did all this for us, so we wouldn’t have to endure hell. The Tribulation is hell on earth for those that denied Jesus (I don’t).
I believe the Saints in the Trib (under the Alter) could be that God has one last mercy prior to Anti-Christ demanding worship. Not sure. But ppl will be martyred b/c no one can take the mark and make it in the Book of Life.
Well, I hope and pray, either way if we disagree on this, we know we still end up in Heaven. I know no one is saying you have to believe this to get to Heaven. If I’m wrong, please speak up. I believe the Gospel and in Jesus, and yes, He will physically return w/ His Saints on a white named FAITHFUL and TRUE :crown: Rev: 19

In revelation it says the saints. That’s me.

Revelation 14:12
[12]Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Covid was a preseason warm up to the beast system. Hopefully those can see how the deception will work with the false prophet media. Time to prepare and stand strong.


Again, this is no deal breaker, and I don’t discount what you are saying, I believe that myself. There will be a one world system and we are living in end times.
So, at what point are Saints taken to heaven? What chap in REV?

7th trump. It can be a deal breaker if those fully trust in the rapture and the anti christ is here and deceives them to take the mark. So those that don’t study all side or keep an open mind they could be wrong may get deceived. I look at covid as a parallel. Both my jobs required the shot. I held out. Everyone thought i was crazy and dumb and might die. Same will happen with the mark. Everyone will say I’m crazy and dumb. But i guess we will find out at the 7th trump :man_shrugging:

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The deal breaker has been since beginning of time and that’s why we are supposed to share the Gospel and yes, time is short. I feel like we’re living in Jude. Snatch them from the fire. Again, what WE disagree on is not a deal breaker b/c I’m already in Christ as you say you are too. If people are choosing to play Russian Roulette with Christ, shame on them and not wise. Of course, Jesus warns of this, “I come as a thief in the night” no one knows the hour of your life or Jesus’ return. If the “rapture” happens and you are in Christ, no worries. If the “rapture” doesn’t happen and you’re in Christ, stand strong and be prepared to die. Are you saying non believers won’t get saved after Trib starts?

By the way, good on you for standing strong about the shot. You’re not dumb or crazy.


OK i can agree with you. If it dosent happen yea stand strong be prepared. I don’t know you I’m just going off those i know that are big on the rapture and they are hell bent its 100 % gonna happen and they have nothing to worry about as far as hard times or percussion. They say no need to study revelation we won’t be here for all that . Personally i think some will get saved in the trib. I don’t think alot. But that’s just my personal thought. I think covid was like a preseason run. Some during covid wised up and others did not and dug in with what the media pushed. Well thank you. I enjoy to study what’s going on so I’m not deceived!

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Thank you Jeff. I will not allow satan to divide Christ’s believers (brothers/sisters) that’s exactly what he wants. Again, no deal breaker for me and I pray not for others. Jesus warns us not to get wrapped up in trivial things anyway (Where soul goes, not trivial, but timeline yes). We agree and believe on more, than not.
Yes, I understand the person you are talking about. No. I’m not one that thinks I can live how I want b/c I’m saved, nor b/c I believe Jesus takes his church. In fact, quite the opposite. I feel more compelled to obey or live Jesus’ walk/commands, than ever. We still answer for who we are and what we did or didn’t do, in Christ. I have to finish to “Good Fight.” I love to study Revelation, have been asking for wisdom since late 2020. I feel it an honor that God chose me for such a time.
This is how I know we are brother and sister, I know what you are saying about COVID and shot…we are lock step. The Holy Spirit spoke loud and clear to me.
Thank you for the conversation and not writing me off or treating me like I have leprosy b/c we don’t agree. I will still seek wisdom and discernment, as I pray others will too.

I’m going to leave with one parting shot to ponder: If we agree in Revelation that the Tribulation is God’s wrath or Condemnation on the refusal of Christ, if you will --this is why I struggle w/ God keeping me here: The whole context, if you go to site:

JOHN 3:18 KJV “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he…” (kingjamesbibleonline.org)

Born twice, die once :crown:

That is the gist of it. Many have been taught as long as they believe, they are safe and won’t go through the trib. So, they don’t study and are clueless to what is going on.

The other falsehood ties into what I posted earlier. People don’t know who they really are or who they could be. People think that only God’s chosen will be here during the tribulation, to teach. But who are they? Where are all the descendants of Abraham living today? They were the original chosen.

Another point is, what have most people really proven? Especially in the great country we live in.
The Israelites, not Jews, had to prove themselves and failed miserably. They still believed, they saw all the miracles, the cloud during the day and fire at night to guide them, but every time things got tough, they wanted to go back to bondage in Egypt. They turned their back on God. They didn’t have enough faith to get them into the promised land. Even after they were denied entrance, they still focused on the brass serpent to not die. So, they believed, but never made it in.

Why would we think we deserve anything better than them? If we never have a major test, how would God know what we would do? Seeing the Red Sea parted etc., it is hard to fathom that the people still lacked faith in having provisions given them to finish the journey. But they did.

If the deception is that great, and it could fool the elect, the ducks better be in a row.

What if there is a rapture. Do we know how it will really go down? Or, what if there isn’t.

Let’s say that Christ comes at the 7th trump. Do we hear the actual trumps? Probably not. So, we see the miracle of Him coming down with all the angels and He says, I am here to take you away before the tribulation my children, you made it. (Remember, your family or anyone else wouldn’t be with Him at this time.) You say thank you my Lord etc., etc. and do what He asks to take you away.
Then you find out, he isn’t Christ and now you realize that there is no rapture because Satan was here first, so there couldn’t be.
What was the first thing Christ said, do not be fooled. Not knowing the particulars of how the rapture event would unfold, how would you know if it is legit of not.? Satan will use everything he can to deceive those who expected something else, just like Eve.

If you’re going on a short trip and won’t need any water, it is better to take some and not use it than need it and not have any.

Just some thoughts.


At the 7th trump we are changed into our spiritual body, so if anyone claims to be Christ and you are still in flesh he is a liar.

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Here is a twist. children of God are not panty waist sissies. Not a bit squeamish, we can handle the truth. and the storm because of our faith. We can only die one time in the flesh, ain’t skeered! I don’t know without a doubt exactly how it will come down, but I bet it’s gonna be exactly as it is written in scripture. I think that’s the point. If you can not find something in the new testament, it’d a lie. probably good rule of thumb.

not gonna be an easy choice on the mark. you will automatically be a criminal. masses will cave and deny their faith when the going gets tough and it will. that is when the seeds will be separated from the chaff. and the chaff discarded.

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