What Is The Parable Of The Mustard Seed About?

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The parable of the mustard seed and leaven concerns the Kingdom of God. Jesus discussed the two, so we could visualize how God’s Kingdom grows.

what is the difference between the ASV bible and the RV bible? what is the time line between KJV bible and these older ones? okay i went on line to see if i could located one of these. ASV was all catholic stuff, is that correct? the other one, ha, they only had it in spanish. are these bibles, are they not available anymore??

Here’s a summary and opinion about the various versions. Basically, they are spinoffs of the KJV. They are all English Bibles, most are not in print. The ESV isn’t a bad Bible at all.

So you had,

  • KJV (1611)
  • RV (1881)
  • ASV (1901)
  • RSV (1952)
  • NASB (1960)
  • NIV (1973)
  • NKJV (1979)
  • NRSV (1989)
  • ESV (2000)

If I recall, it might be the NRSV they are going to revise sometime in the near future.

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I think they already revised that (NRSV) i saw that on line. do you know anything about it??? thanks for the info!

what I see in the modern bibles is the language change, an attempt to modernize the speech, grammar, etc. to make it easier to read. I like the KJV because that’s what I started on. it doesn’t take long to pick it up and I think I like it better. Every time scripture is retranslated I think there is something lost. 'more ‘watered down’ I think. Just my personal opinion.