What Happens During The Millennium?

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Christians who remained faithful to God throughout history, including the Tribulation, inherit eternal life in the Millennium, even becoming priests of Jesus.

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Hi Brandon,
Hope you are well. I have a question about this please.
You say " Many will need to prove themselves during the Millennium. You can think of abortion victims, the mentally ill (etc.) , and those who never heard the Word of God in a meaningful way."
Many years ago, before I knew God, I had an abortion. Think about it all the time, wish to God, I could take it back!! I killed one of Gods children! I have asked for forgiveness and know it’s now in God’s hands.
My question is: If I am alive when satan comes and stand strong for God, even though I overcome the tribulation, I would still need to be forgiven by the soul I killed correct? If I were that soul and my earthly mother didn’t give me the chance to choose God and made me spend 1000 more years to prove myself, I wouldn’t be happy. Feel like I should spend those 1000 years right beside my child.
I was taught that "some souls are too good for this earth.’ That gave me comfort in thinking my child was with God and didn’t have to go through the millennium on the wrong side. Same with handicapped that don’t have ability to choose in the earth age.
Please set me straight on this
Thank you.

God has forgiven you. You do not have to continue to let this burden you.

God Bless,


This is what I believe. First, I agree with @emeryc, you have whole-heartedly repented. God has forgiven you.

I remember hearing this also, but I was never able to find that in the bible to confirm. If I can’t find it in His Word, I don’t believe it. And that really wouldn’t make sense to me. God is the one that forgives and as children of God, we are also to forgive.

I’ve often pondered about what it will be like for those that never had a chance to know God. I don’t think being on the learning side of things in the millennium is going to be awful for the ones that didn’t have a chance.

I heard someone say “I can’t wait for the millennium so I can tell so-and-so that I was right…and I’m gonna make his life hard during that time.” Wow…not very Christian in my opinion. God teaches with love and respect, Jesus teaches with love and respect and I think we should do the same.

I also heard that being taught. I couldn’t find that in The Word either.

Praying for you to rest easy about all of this. :sparkling_heart:


I really love this explanation of things to come! I know I have read this in the past, but I’m glad you shared it again to refresh my memory. We have so much to look forward to!


Hey Angela, doing great, I hope you are as well.

I agree with everything @emeryc and @Kay said, they did a fine job. You asked for forgiveness and God granted you that. I have a Bible study on abortion that I would love for you to read, it even covers forgiveness as well.


Thank you Chris. God Bless


Hi Kay! Thank you for everything. Its hard to hear something that gave me comfort because of my sin (thinking my baby had kind of a free pass) isnt true. If something seems to good to be ture , it most likely is. I certainly dont deserve to feel any comfort from what I did. I trust God and if he says I’m forgiven I am. Feeling sick with myself won’t ever go away, and it shouldn’t. I must always tell myself" God forgave me now shutup and get on with it!!" Crazy to think about how amazing God really is! Thank you so much. God Bless you my friend


Happy Sunday Brandon
Thank you for link. Its hard to hear something different from what I was tought for over 30 years. Often when I read what you post I find myself spending weeks , even months going back and trying to figure what God says. To be honist, somethings I still strugle with understanding. feeling stupid after thinking ya had it all down isnt a good feeling. I am learning so much. God lead me to your site for a reason, I know this to be true. If I may ask, please pray that God gives me discipline of mind to focus and understand. Thank you Sir!! God Bless


Happy Sunday!

Yes, it can be pretty tough to unlearn something that has been embedded into your mind.

None of us will ever stop learning. It’s only a mistake to think we have it all figured out. You’re on the right track Angela, so proud of you, and prayers sent up for you.