What Happened To The Spirit Of Christmas?

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Have you thought about that lately? These days, it’s almost non-existent. I mean here we are, it’s December 18th, one week from Christmas, and I don’t see a lot of Christmas anything. The towns aren’t lit up, the stores aren’t lit up, and the neighborhoods aren’t lit up. Don’t even get me started with the…


Merry Christmas to you Brandon!


Merry Christmas to Anitra and Brandon!


Here in Spain is the same, they invented a tale talking about the spirit of Christmas, related to elves, and fairies…
So sad


Why would I say Merry Christmas? Christ-mass means the “death of Christ.” So I’d be saying Merry death of Christ. Brandon, I am just so tired of all of this and sorrowful that people just want to have fun…I just want the truth…and people to truly want to know our Savior; about His birth and death. See the true meaning of Christ-mass by David Meyer.

I’m kind of torn this year. Part of me is wanting to get into the spirit of Christmas, yet something is holding me back. The holiday Christmas was founded by man, not God.

According to the History Channel, "It is commonly believed that the church chose this date in an effort to adopt and absorb the traditions of the pagan Saturnalia festival. First called the Feast of the Nativity, the custom spread to Egypt by 432 and to England by the end of the sixth century. "

The bible doesn’t state that we should be celebrating the birth (actually conception) of Jesus Christ. And yes, I do believe that Dec 25th is the conception, not the birth. But this still all goes back to a holiday that was created by man…and they couldn’t even get the month, much less the season correct when creating it.

I think I’ve only said Merry Christmas once or twice this year. In years past, I was always saying it - throughout the whole season! This year, like I had mentioned in a different post, we didn’t even get a tree.

I will continue to pray about this, but as of right now, I’m having a hard time even acknowledging the holiday.


I like the old adage, make hay while the Son shines. During the feast of tabernacle and conception time, we are given opportunity to bring the Word forward. It’s like, God wouldn’t need to send carpenters to fray horns, if the horns were being used by evil ones.

Yes! I have noticed too. Like all building blocks of American tradition and history that shaped our culture and who we ‘are/were’ are systematically being removed. Like Grandpa’s old garage out back, It’s contents [life’s treasures] are drug out on the driveway, sold cheap and the remainder discarded. Then the barn torn down and the house sold after the old S.O.B ‘finally’ passes away. That is what’s happening to America. When the baby boomers and their children ‘finally’ die and get the hell out of the way, The last remnant of America will die with them. Merry Christmas and God bless!

Yes…I know what you mean. There was an old farm house that I used to drive by often and one day I so they were tearing it down. I understand that sometimes these houses and barns are so far gone that they are hard to repair, but it still hurts. After it got tore down all that remained was the chimney which was apparently in very good shape…oh…and they had a crane holding up a cast iron bathtub in the air for a few weeks (apparently so someone wouldn’t steal it). Now all you see when you drive by is the couple of fruit trees and the old flower garden area that is getting grown over. I always think about all the hard work that was done in that house and on that land. The barn had been torn down years prior.

As for the remnant of America - I truly believe the whole pandemic was in part to rid the US of that older generation. The ones that know what this country used to be. Of course, as it’s written, there will always be a remnant of God fearing people and we all need to make sure to educate our young ones and ensure that they also carry on the truth to their children.

And in regards to Christmas…I’m still hung up on that one. Still praying about it of course.


My true meaning of Christmas is the ‘Birth’ of Christ. Never heard of David Meyer??
Merry Christmas!!

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