What Does The Bible Say About Suicide?

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The Bible provides several examples of suicide. It also tells us about honorable men that wanted to die, but God strengthened them, and helped them endure.

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Hi, I’ve read R. Christopherson tell that Judas didn’t kill himself. First he was ripped off vertically and his inwards gushed out, then hanged himself. This is not possible. He was killed. But I don’t know the truth about it. It makes sense. But who knows

Maybe this verse can help with your studies? This is the King James Version with Strong’s Numbers,from eSword. Hope helpful, Lord’s Will Be Done In Jesus Christ Name Amen :smiley:

Act 1:18 NowG3767 this manG3778 (G3303) purchasedG2932 a fieldG5564 withG1537 theG3588 rewardG3408 of iniquity;G93 andG2532 fallingG1096 headlong,G4248 he burst asunderG2997 in the midst,G3319 andG2532 allG3956 hisG846 bowelsG4698 gushed out.G1632

Thank you Ericka.
In this chapter it is saying what I think happened. Later he was hanged. It was not possible to hang himself after his inwards gushed out.
Thank you once again

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Your welcome.Here is another piece that could be helpful.
Acts 1:18
Now = Therefore. Verses Act_18:19 form a parenthesis.
this man = this one, indeed.
purchased = caused to be purchased. Figure of speech Metonymy (of Effect). App-6. See App-161.
field = place, or holding. Greek. chorion. See note on Mat_26:36.
reward = pay. Greek. misthos. Sin pays its wages (Rom_6:23).
iniquity. App-128. Compare 2Pe_2:13, where the same Greek words are translated “wages of unrighteousness”.
headlong. Greek. prenes. Only here.
burst asunder. Greek. lakeo. Only here. Dr. John Lightfoot (1602-75) writes: “The devil, immediately after Judas had cast back his money into the temple, caught him up into the air, strangled him, threw him headlong, and dashed him in pieces on the ground”. He refers to Tobit 3.8, and adds, "That this was known to all the dwellers at Jerusalem, argues that it was no common and ordinary event, and must be something more than hanging himself, which was an accident not so very unusual in that nation. "Works, viii, pp 366, 367. This requires that Mat_27:5 be read, “He was hanged, or strangled”, instead of “hanged himself”.
gushed out = were poured out.
From E.W.Bullinger, from eSword.

Absolutely amazing sister. I love this information. And the time you’ve taken to respond. Thank you very much again

Well, the Bible says he hanged himself, so if Judas didn’t, then that means the Bible contradicts itself. I don’t believe that one.

I will say, I have a new study on this subject to be published in the next month or so.

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I am eagerly awaiting to that one brother.

What about samson? Any thoughts?

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Welcome brother! Just giving you info that may be helpful for your studies. I am not trying to tell you what I believe or what you should believe. I was just trying to give you the info based on what you were questioning. Just in case it was the verse in Act 1:18, that you have came across before that caused concern, and this is what you were gonna deep dive into for a study. So I apologize for my lack of description and perhaps misleading you unintentionally, please study for yourself. I should have just left you alone :smiley:

Yeah sorry, I should have not tried to be “helpful”.
I wasn’t trying to confirm or deny the situation, I am thinking just point back to the word for deep studying.

I look forward to this study as well!

No, please! I liked your insight very much. It is concerning that the Bible said he hanged himself. And I won’t question it at all. In the Old Testament we have The Masoretic text. I don’t know if in the New Testament is there something similar. But it is not possible to be reap of your inwards and later to hang yourself. It is not. Maybe the meaning of the traduction? Maybe something else?
Bran has a gifted mind. There’s no doubt the Holy Spirit is with him.
His study will be pretty interesting. No doubt about it.
I think with his study we will see it much clear.
I never will doubt The Word, ever. It’s always my fault.
I read The Season Roger Christopherson and He also thinks so.
I have to do my homework.
Anyway thank you sister once more

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Welcome Brother, thank you for letting me know what your thinking, i appreciate your time.

Keep doing your thing! That’s what the forum is all about. :+1:t3:

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