What Does The Bible Say About Easter?

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The word easter refers to the pagan “fertility goddess of spring.” This perversion crept into Christianity thanks to a mistranslation in the KJV Bible.

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I remember years ago I asked why Easter was always on a different day when celebrating the resurrection. They said it was based on the moon etc.

I asked them why our birthdays don’t change since we use the same moon? Then the crickets chirped.

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I don’t think it’s a mistranslation. Didn’t Herod celebrate Easter? I don’t read the KJV but upon reading its version it seems Herod was going to bring Peter forth after he himself celebrated Easter for Herod himself did worship pagan gods. In that case Easter would be the correct translation because it seems the context is talking about a holiday that Herod celebrated.

So what your saying is Herod was pagan and this was his pagan way of celebrating Passover. right? All the things a lot of us do today sadly.

I believe Herod was a practicing Jew since his father converted to Judaism. If so, then I would think the term Easter is a mistranslation and should have been Passover. The interlinear has it as Passover.


I thought of something else. It says, “it was the days of unleavened bread”, which shows it was during Passover, not easter.