What Does The Bible Say About Divorce?

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There are two clear-cut Biblical reasons for divorce. Through careful study, we can identify some others. I’ll discuss them, along with God’s divorce of Israel.


Both of the persons in a marriage cannot do God’s work, live properly, when there is constant strife, or the team performance isn’t there.
It is hard to live properly when unevenly yoked. Satan can use this as a tool to ruin the family, and he does. The unbeliever can expect the other to do things that are not permitted, even small things.
I think Kay mentioned this, many therapists work for the happiness of the individual, instead of working to heal the marriage. I have seen this multiple times.
The way of today is, if you are not happy get out, it will heal you spirit but all that happens is your dirty laundry is taken elsewhere.
Only God can heal a tainted marriage, but you have to live His way, or it will be a marriage of the world and eventually doomed.

This is probably the best I’ve ever seen/heard this described biblically; especially, the “adulteress or fornication” part. Adultery and fornication, as you said, is not always sexual or touch. We can commit adultery in our hearts too.


Two people who ‘truly’ love one another are separated only by death. For example, I raised up with a friend my age who had brothers and sisters old enough to be his parents. He would tell me about how his dad was a drunkard and would go away for weeks at a time only coming home when he was flat broke and near death and pass out on the porch. One morning when he nearly tripped over him on the porch as he ran to catch the bus, he went back in to tell his mother that 'dad’s back he’s on the porch. His mother told him to stay home today, I’ll need you to help me get him bathed and into bed. My friend was 18 by now and had watched his mother go through this most of his life and his frustration boiled over. His mother was cooking him some beef broth when he said, 'Why do you put up with sorry old drunk? He said she walked over and slapped him out of his chair and stuck her finger in his face and said, don’t you ever talk about my husband and your father that way as she began to cry. He said she would always say, 'he’s ill instead of drunk. He said he never realized how much she truly loved her man until then. She loved him and took care of him until he died a few years later.
They were married 68 years and had 8 children. everyone that knew her loved her and when she died there was standing room only in the chapel. Obviously, when she said 'I do! she meant every word with all of her heart.