What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

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A woman who has had an abortion can repent and be forgiven by God. King David provides a great example, as he murdered his servant, but was forgiven.

Very touchy subject. I have a family member who was pregnant by her husband she loved dearly. Her doctor revealed to her and her husband that the baby would very likely be born with deformities and severe mental disabilities. They were young and married only two years at the time. Both had degrees and a promising career ahead. The doctor and many close relatives urged them to abort, telling them that the baby would have a horrible life and be a life long burden to them. Brokenhearted and hesitant they chose to abort.
I was unaware that she had, had an abortion. She confided to me one day after I brought up the subject of abortion and expressed my thoughts on the procedure. She told me that she has been tormented with guilt every day since. especially when she sees documentaries of people in the same situation who chose to have the baby and raise it and proclaim that, that child has given them more joy than anything else in their lives. She became closer to God as time went on, she felt sure that God had forgiven her, but the regret and guilt is still there and probably will be for life. By that time I had a strong taste of shoe leather in my mouth. I can only imagine how powerful those emotions are when she sees parents with a disabled child enjoying the zoo or a lake outing etc. She has never talked about it 30 yrs since and I make a point to never bring up the subject of abortion in her presence. I still view the act of abortion to be hideous, but learned from her that the consequences are far worse and lifelong for women who are believers.

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