What Do You Want To Read About This Friday?

I’m going to try my best not to discuss politics this Friday, so who knows what you’re going to get. I mean, who can deal with any more of it right now? :nauseated_face:

So, if you have something on your mind that you would like me to discuss on Friday, throw your thought in the hat. Yes, this post will have to serve as the hat.

Saturday, we’ll do some Bible/Reader question. If you have a thought there, let me know, we have a few in the hopper.

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Wait what your not going to be doing politics?
I really enjoy those.
I feel the withdrawal setting in already. LOL

Oh…I have a list! Of course some would probably lead into some politics, so let me weed through what I have. :smiley:

Well…since it is September, we could discuss the birth of Jesus. I know that can be a lengthy discussion if people don’t understand the courses, specifically when the 8th course of Abia took place. I don’t personally have any questions regarding it.

I’m still digging through my notes and it looks like a lot of it would somehow tie into politics. :upside_down_face:

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I hope to steer away from it just this Friday. We’ll see what pops up, but if anyone has anything they would like to hear about. I’m listening.

That’s a good idea. I have a few QAs on this, but never dove into the courses in a study itself. I couldn’t cram it in by Friday, but this is a good idea.

Ohh, I put some notes together in preparation to write about the subject you emailed me about a couple weeks back. I had a couple ahead of you. I’ll break out the pen soon enough. *** the audience curiously wonders ***

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As I was studying last night I had another idea pop into my head. Practicing Faith. Just as we practice penmanship, driving, etc. we should always be practicing faith to help it grow each and every day. We do this by living life while working thru problems and trusting God - keeping Him in the equation. We all need this practice so we are able to stand up against anti-christ and his little friends. Not sure if that would work as a topic, but thought I would bring it up. :slight_smile: