What do you think about Trump?

I’m curious how readers feel about Trump these days?

Before the election, Trump said if the Republicans win, he should get all the credit, if not, he shouldn’t get the blame. Just the other day, he slammed Republicans for their anti-abortion stance.

I think we need to unite rather than divide further. Also, when the left gets these victories, they quickly stop talking about them in public, and move on to the next thing. Continuing to bring up abortion is a bad move. It will stir up moderates and without their vote, you cannot win office. I talked about the Republicans flopping here.

Outside of that, it looks like Trump is still latching onto the vaccines which I feel is unfortunate. So I just wanted to throw that out there as a reminder, has it been on your mind, and how do you feel about him being the nominee for the Reds?

If he is nominated, do you think he will win. Enough from me :zipper_mouth_face:, let’s hear from you. :loud_sound: off

How sore must Trump’s lips be blowing his own horn? A good leader doesn’t take the credit, he passes it on to those who actually got it done.

As a whole, I really don’t see unity happening. The percentages of each side might shift a little, but it is still going to be a battle. If the economy was better, it would appease more of the whole.

When Reagan was in, the economy was good, but the left said it only went to the rich, which was untrue. (They need division. That is why race never goes away. This is why they are antigod; they need people to think their rights come from the state, more division.) Now that the economy is horrible, do we really think many on the left will change their side? Moderates could make the difference.

Trump promised when elected to stop all the money going overseas till, they proved they deserved it. That never happened.
If he was put in office right now, I would bet the money to Ukraine would still flow.

The left has always been more organized and ahead of the circus game. When Obama care and the latest stimulus bill came out, thousands upon thousands of pages, how far in advance do you think they worked on these? Obama just got into office when his bill hit.

The reds don’t do this. They are too busy fighting among themselves. Which I think is going to happen if Trump runs. Either way, nothing is going to change.

I have to admit, the left is in a pickle by what they have now. I think the left wants them out, they know they can’t win with them, which shows how bad they are. Hence the whistle blower on his documents. He is a stooge and will do anything they want but they can’t cover for him any longer.
I see someone coming to the forefront for the left, same as Obama did. He came out of the woodwork. If Biden would step down, we then will know this was all in their plan.

My opinion, Trump is going to need a strong VP candidate for many to take a chance on him. In the end, I feel it will be the same old same old. Just new furnishings in the WH, which we pay for.

Good 'ol Trump. Narcissist, egomaniac come to mind. Just my humble, but accurate opinion. We have three parties now. Dems, Reps, and Trumps. Some good people I know dearly have lost their ever loving minds still holding onto the dream that Trump will save them and this country. He is a cult figure to many and most are God fearing folks. I did a search for “Trump” in the Bible and only came up with “Trumpets”. Just having some fun here :sweat_smile:
I’m not a fan and can we PLEASE have a president younger than 75??

I guess you didn’t hear, Trump-Pence. They were put in to signify they started blowing. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I agree. Until the nation gets on its knees, nothing will change. A person with God’s heart, in the White House, working with the evil branches of government we have, is futile.

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Yeah I remember the Evangelists talking about that. I almost mentioned that in my post but held off. Thanks for adding it though :facepunch: :facepunch:

I got at least one notable positive out of trump policy…and that was a sorely needed tax reduction. And no, I never have noticed that in the past 50 years. I also appreciated opening up of Anwar and keystone…when moves like that and reducing burdensome red tape, I actually noticed small businesses opening again, and prices of everything was more reasonable. Trump, to me, acts like a lion-king (you know, there is a type/character of person who is a ruler or king, generally), but some of what I saw was a person who did not cowl down to the lies and constant negativity blasted against him–rather fight rather than flight…most would have wallowed away. Trump’s talk to the UN gave what he wanted and what he thought was right…as least he thinks like than, rather than gwarming and lockdowns. to me, he was better than many rulers this country has had in a long time.

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in reply to newsweek article : there are actually still people who think the vax has saved lives. Actual intelligent people, I might add–not wise, but intelligent. They are duped… some people also think chemotherapy or slash and burn for cancer is a good thing.

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I too voted for Trump twice only because my wallet was in better shape then. I do not think it matters who is in power. What Jesus told us must come to pass, will come to pass. We must find our way to navigate thru the mass turmoil and disfunction to end up where we want to be in eternity.

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I agree there. Must get a “equity” humanoid that checks the box(es)…imagine a black gay person? kidding…but, the way the perverseness is now, it’s not that far fetched for even getting close to winning. then again, maybe they could use the 6th order/degree polynomial macro in the machines.

We need a lot more of this in our world.


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yes, we do. Even if the man is a sinner, I think he has done more good than evil, even tho he is not a teacher of the Word. thanks for sharing this.


I guess I do have a question about “fat heads”, “chest thumping”, and other antics that for some instances we don’t apply narcissisms to and for others we do. For example, in team sports (or really most competitive activities), we see a lot of expression about how “great we are” and so on. Political theater is also a competitive activity, and not the same as “governing system”. Is confidence, defense, and other shows of verbiage always exhibited by only narcissists? Should a ruler or leader have and display some amount of confidence? Is that to always be construed as pure narcissist to the degree that satan is? Do people hide weaknesses by over-reacting?

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I think the sports arena is a different animal. I think some of the antics go a little far, but it is to stay psyched for the game. The interview after of before would be the time to see the true character.
You don’t have to be pumped up for a political speech.

Most if not all sports figures who act totally without any modesty, usually don’t last long. It fractures the team with the “I” attitude. There have been some tremendously talented players over the years fired for their behavior and sadly after no one wants them, they fail out in the real world too.

Interesting bit…

Perhaps it’s because CPAC doesn’t represent most regular conservatives? Apparently, CPAC was pretty empty. It’s going to be a long and ugly race to the bottom.

I voted for Trump twice. I have no regrets other than the mRNA jab. I truly believe he was lied to about the jabs and they tried making him envision the Spanish Flu pandemic for Covid.

I believe his heart is in the right place. Do I think he is perfect, absolutely not. I believe he is the best this country has had in a long time, and I believe the trials and tribulations he has had to go through woke up a lot of people to the political corruption.

The other thing is he speaks of Peace a great deal. I look at prophecy and think, hmm…are we getting closer to the end?


Say what you will about Donald Trump. Bullish, egotistical, arrogant, rude, full of himself, very poor speaker. But he is bold as a lion, fearless, truly loves his country, very tough negotiator,
will never accept defeat. He slashed government regulations that were strangling American business. Resumed construction of the lower Keystone pipeline day one. Paved the way for American manufacturers to come back home. America was thriving again. He despises political correctness. He said what he thought and encouraged Americans to do the same.
He turned a downhill America 180degrees. How, 'soon we forget.