What do you think about DeSantis?

Nope, the guy hasn’t said he’s running for President, but from everything he’s doing, he’s running.

Personally, I like a lot of what I have seen from the guy. There’s never going to be a perfect guy. However, I like the fact that he actually served in the military. I like how he made Florida free during the pandemic. I like how he went after Disney and now he’s focusing on education.

Another thing I often don’t hear mentioned about him. He’s a man of humble means. According to some estimates, his net worth is $300k. He doesn’t own property or stocks, and the dude still has student loans.

Hopefully, he doesn’t become corrupted.

There are things he’s done that I don’t like, but it’s always going to be that way.

So with that, what say you?

Would you like to see him run for President, and if so, would you vote for him?


I like him for the same reasons.
He seems to be unlike others, who will embrace someone one minute to gain something and then turn on them the next when they do something they doesn’t like. (At least I haven’t seen this but maybe he hasn’t had the chance either.)

He seems to stick to his yard stick no matter what the situation is. Not sure if that will work in the swamp, which could lead to corruption or no progress.

I am sure the left has all the ammunition in a file, true of not, waiting. He will definitely be a stone in their shoe. If he runs, I would be anxious to see who his VP would be, plus what he says he will do.
I honestly don’t see anything changing. The whole system needs to go back to what it was supposed to be.

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if he won the primary, I would vote for him. I actually don’t vote in the primaries. i like the same things. He also is against the g-warming scam theology

He’s the reason why our state is the best.

The best clue that he is genuine is that he is despised by the media and the left. If he runs and I too think he will. They will crank up the heat on him. Have to see how he holds up.

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