What Can We Learn From Moses' Mistake?

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When the Israelites were thirsty, God through Moses provided water. Yet, Moses made a mistake by losing focus on God, allowing his frustration to overcome him.


I don’t think I would have had his patience. Plus think of the hard living during all of that travel.


I agree…it’s something that I’m sure most of us, if not all of us, have to make a conscious effort to remember. Thankfully Jesus died on the cross for us and we can repent and truthfully try harder.

Great post @brandon !


Exactly, God could have easily forgave a common man. Then again God would not have burdened a common man with Moses roll, knowing it would be more than he could bear. Moses was not a common man. I know that in business when a new hire disappoints me it is almost expected. but when a 10 year top hand that you have placed all trust and confidence in deceives you it is devastating.

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My question is…why would God tell him to speak to the rock?and what was Moses supposed to say when he did speak to it? I feel like that may be symbolic of something? I find myself questioning others actions as I read the Bible and I do ask “why” a lot lol

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Read 1 Cor 10:1-4.
The first time Moses gathered the elders, the 2nd time, the people. It was a teachable moment.

To me, When Moses struck the rock at the first event getting water, it could be viewed as an earthly event. Physical action. Speaking to it would show faith that the Lord would do it.

I get that. striking the stone with a staff and bringing forth water, rather than praying for it in God’s name, It would appear to the people that Moses brought the blessing.

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