What Are The 12 Tribes Of Israel?

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God promised Abraham the 12 Tribes of Israel would be as numerous as the stars of heaven and become many nations. Who are they today?

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Brandon, thanks. I’ve always been confused about Jewish lineage. I am ignorant about this subject. Was Abraham, Isaac and Jacob offspring of Adam? And are the chosen 144000 the remaining pure blood seed of Adam ? And are the Gentiles those who are not from the seed of Adam? And those who are mixed blood?

I believe it would be pretty difficult to find even one pure blood line anymore. Before the tribes were in the promised land, they mixed races which angered God. Even Calib’s father was of the 10 heathen tribes to be destroyed.

The term Jew has been one of the most distorted words in history. The ironic part is the heathen tribes were more loyal to their chosen gods then the Lord’s chosen people. Chosen only to take His word and teach the world. Lead by example, which today, as a whole, we are a complete failure as they were then. Hence, the wedding parable.

When the 12 tribes continually sinned, He sent Moab, Ammon, Philistines, Syria etc. as punishment until they repented. Is it any wonder we are being overrun with foreign nations today.

On another topic, has anyone seen the show, The Chosen? I think it does a good job highlighting some of the things Christ did when He was here. The person playing Him really brings out the love He has for all people. It also shows the idiotic system the pharisees had in place to burden the people along with the Romans. The 4th season is coming.

One thing that stood out for me was Christ was changing the system that they used. It was flawed to the core. Ours is today. If Christ was here now, using our system, being plugged in as our president, nothing would change. The system has to go.

Unfortunately, “Jew” and “Jewish” are words without meaning these days. One can be a Jew if they study the Talmud or they’re of supposed Jew ancestry. In reality, you cannot change your race by switching religions, right?

  1. Abraham was a descendant of Adam. You can follow this through the genealogy in the early Old Testament, (Gen 5, 1 Ch 1). I actually have some material coming up on this topic in the future.

  2. I’m with @sNOwflakes, there’s no pure blood anything these days. Nevertheless, Revelation 7 says 12,000 from each of the 12 Tribes will be Sealed in the last days. Even in the days of old, they were mixed not just among themselves, but with the other nations. I’ve pointed this out in Scripture many times. Perhaps I’ll make a Bible Note on this and add it to the site for quick reference.

Don’t forget though, it’s not about blood since Christ. It’s about accepting Jesus which makes you a spiritual child of Abraham. That’s what counts, (Gal 3:7-9).

  1. Simply stated, in the Old Testament, the Gentiles were non-Israelites. In the New Testament, with the advent of Jesus, the Gentiles are non-Christians. I have a bunch of notes on this subject that I’ll compile into a study. It’s coming closer to the top of my list. Here’s some Scripture in the meantime, (1Co 12:2, 1Th 4:5).

  2. Your last question ties back into the first. There’s no pure blood anything, so everyone is mixed to some degree. I dare anyone to go look at their family tree. There’s certainly predominance, but not pure.

You’ll want to be careful with this subject, some begin to place special privileges on certain races which is not Biblical. Hey, the ancient Israelites failed God and He scattered them for their multitude of sins. They’re not people we should be looking up to, only our Heavenly Father.

I appreciate that. I need to study the Old Testament until I understand it. I cant help but feel there is another side of biblical history that the writers of the bible did not include.

Thank you sir.

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Wouldn’t they be the descendents of Jacob’s twelve sons and later Joseph’s two sons, and in the future the 144,000 listed in Rev 7 who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior? Of course we can’t know who they are today, but the Lord knows as He has their DNA.