We're On The Highway To Hell

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If you thought hell on earth already existed, then buckle up buddy, things are just getting started. We haven’t even entered hell just yet, but we’re on the highway to it. We take a quick glance in our rearview mirror, and we only see the on-ramp we just left. We bring our spiritual vehicles up…


That “highway to hell” rock song kept playing in the background in my head while I was reading this :joy::joy:. This was Very informative and eye opening.

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Thanks for all the updates in one article!! And very creative as well. Good job there Brandon!!

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Bran you’re a light to me.
I thank you this article all the more.
Thank you, thank you and thank you.
Antichrist arrival I think implies war, fear and death. And there it is where we have to ask for a strong faith, bigger than the mountains, to keep us in the path. And under the shadow of the Great Fir Tree which is Jesus.
Keep the faith and don’t surrender to the world.
God bless you sisters and brothers